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Maca Root – A super-food for exceptional vitality and health

Maca Root is not to be outdone! It is a superb food that has been treasured and used for thousands of years. Maca Root is native to Peru and Bolivia, it grows in very dry arid climates and can tolerate below freezing conditions at elevations of over 4000m (13,000 ft). With these conditions you can understand that it is very hardy and as it has built up a resistance to these conditions, you can see why with all the benefits it provides why it is a super-food.

Containing a multitude of minerals, fatty acids, proteins and vitamins, Maca Root is similar to a turnip visually and in size, Maca Root is a root vegetable (part of the mustard family)and taps into earth of limestone and clay for it’s nutrition.

Maca Root

It originates in the Andes and provides a stable nutritious diet for the native people.

In General:
An absolute mega super-food and adaptogen (supports the body as a whole) lifting the body’s immune system to better combat any dis-ease or unwellness you may be faced with. It is a very beneficial food for a wide spectrum of supporting and regenerating issues, like stress, fatigue and giving the adrenal glands a boost.
Maca Root is considered extremely good for hormonal balancing, thyroid function and assisting the immune system to name a few.

Research has shown Maca is very effective for the athlete in endurance event and body building. It boosts energy and muscular stamina and one of the most important benefits is its ability to support muscle recovery at a quicker rate. It has a good amount of protein, 4 grams /1 tblsp which is very important to the athlete and the nutrition regime. it’s also ‘anabolic’ which means to ‘build muscle’, so when making your smoothie, pre and post workout it is an important ingredient to add. Also, because it is a hormonal balancing food, it works to stimulates the correct amount of testosterone and estrogen.
Perfect for the vegan and vegetarian.

Women’s Benefits:

When consumed on a regular basis the Red Maca Root can boost sexual function, assist with menopausal symptons.  Because of Maca Root’s ability to balance the hormones and high density of nutrients, it is widely used to help loss of sexual desire. This could be particularly useful for women going through menopause, i.e, hot flashes, night sweats, sleeping disruption,etc.

Women who have just had a new family and is going through adjustment of motherhood, this can be particularly useful in regaining the desire of intimacy. YAY!

Supports mood, fertility, bone density and a great energy enhancer.

Men’s Benefits:

Black Maca Root has shown a beneficial use for increased sperm count used for men for hormonal balancing, increased energy and improved sexual function.

Memory and focus is also on the list for both men and women

Read the nutritional value on Maca.

We suggest you are very particular in sourcing your Maca, find out which is best suit for  YOU

Maca Root is very safe to use, remembering it is a food, not a herb or a drug.  But like anything new, it pays to check with your health professional if you are unsure.

The Maca Team have an abundance of knowledge…. they live it!


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