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 Your Body is a Beautiful Brew of Plasma ‘fields’.

Magnetic and Gravitational ‘fields’

I would like to give you a very brief insight of how your Body functions in a plasma sense, its a different way and I feel a more accurate way of thinking how your physical body works.

First, let me explain what your ‘Plasma Body’ is.  You may be aware that there are different states of ‘matter’, such as  solid, gaseous and liquid. There is also another ‘state‘ referrred to as the fourth state of matter and that is Plasma. ”Plasma is an invisible swirling field behind everything from the vaccum to dense matter. Its immense energy releases light and is the foundation of both gravitational and magnetic fields.”

This is different to blood plasma which is comprised of mainly water, salts, nutrients in the blood and assists blood to deliver nutrients to the body.

This Plasma state is of beautiful magnetic and gravitational fields (in different strengths) that is part of the universe, in fact it is the universe, and as you are part of the universe, you are also plasma.

Your body is comprised of many, many elements which are essential for the body to function, transfer information, etc.

The four of the main molecules of your body are:

Carbon – Oxygen – Hydrogen – Nitrogen.  = COHN.

Along with elements such as Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, etc come together to form Amino Acids. The Amino Acid structure are the building blocks of Proteins. Proteins assist in forming your lungs, liver, skin, and muscles.

Because our body ‘appears’ as a structural entity, or matter state, we tend to not see it in a plasma state. Which ultimately it is, only in different ‘field’ interactions as a plasma. But if you really look carefully and break this ‘matter’ down you will find essentialy it is really a ‘field’ of Plasma (an energy).

Of course, we have more structural elements in our bodies than other elements such as bone, which is more rigid than tendons and tendons are more rigid than cell tissue and we need that certain structure for our body to move, support, perform certain physical activities. But, ultimately every structure does have a flexibility about it.

With this flexibilty there is a ‘nano layering’ in your body of every structure. This ‘nano layering’ is what determines the structural make up of your body.

Less space between each atom and the more structural (hard) it is.

Health or lack of is simply the different strength of these Magnetic and Gravitation ‘fields’. 

Your body is comprised of cells, tissues, tendons, bone, organs, skin, etc. They are all different structurally as mentioned, but in different Magrav field strengths. They all interact in the body and thus create a certain field strength, Your certain field strength! 

Knowing this, your body can then be influenced by certain conditions, internal and external, such as what we eat, i.e highly processed foods, our environment i.e pesticides, herbicides, airborne toxins, i.e chemtrails, sprays, even our clothing, etc.

Everything has a certain ‘field strength of energy’ a certain magnetic and vibrational signature.

So, when our bodies become unbalanced with the influence of these external and internal energies, we can initiate a re-balance by introducing certain elements to regain homeostasis and re-store.

GANS – Gas in Nano Solid (state)

We can correct condition in an environment by introducing what is lacking to re-balance that condition.  In the form of a GANS solution, a formulation can be used in various ways, i.e  topically, internally or externally to create a balanced environment.

Your body is an intelligent self-healing, self-selecting mechanism, given the right information, it will bring back into balance what it needs to bring about correcting a condition.


If you would like to experience our creations…

We have created or ‘Wearable Lifeforce Tonics’ Vessels of Light!

Plasma /GANS also applies to the environment, plants, waterways, your home. Everything is in a plasma state, just in varying conditions.

The Keshe Foundation has an amazing and massive site on Plasma Science and I encourage you to have a look through. Much work has been done here to bring humanity different solutions for ourselves and our planet.



Plasma Science from the Keshe Foundation

Plasma Production UK 

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