Turmeric – the spice of life

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A wonderous herb, earthy, pungent and very potent.

We have taken the ‘self essence’ of this plant and infused it into our ‘Turmeric Gold’ tonic for you because mother earth has supplied us yet again with one of the most potent plant healers on the planet.  No doubt you have some in your cupboard right now.  It is used in many cultures for it’s flavor, but most of all its potent ability to aid in many, many ailments.  Used internally and externally, there is not much this Indian spice cannot do.  Turmeric has a vast array of benefits and is extremely beneficial to us long term and when used daily.  Though Turmeric is a common spice, it has been used by just about every household because it has it listed in a recipe, but only a few, including herbalists know of its huge potential.

While traditionally used in eastern cultures for its flavor, pungent color and earthy flavor, Turmeric stimulates the digestive juices and allows food to digest and absorb more readily.

Important to note: Cooking or heating certain herbs and spices do allow the activation of compounds in the herb or spice to become available to the body which not be available if it was not heated, but it heating or cooking can eliminate other important life force giving vitamins and minerals in your meal.

Here is my Golden Mylk Lifeforce Latte Recipe

We want to be sure we are getting the most out of our health food we are eating, some ways are to steam, heat by way of cooking, eating raw or juicing

The reason for it’s low absorption and how can we improve it

The latest research however, has shown that Turmeric does have a low bio-availability to the body, with some studies showing that the absorption, assimilation, how it is transported and how quickly it is eliminated in the body leads to a low absorption.

Main reasons being:

  • Serums levels: Curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) contains low levels of serum concentration which aids absorption.
  • Tissue distribution: the ingestion of curcumin if responsible for its bio-availability.
  • Metabolites:  Liver is our metabolism agent and the major metabolic product of curcumin are glucuronides of Tetrahydrocurcumin (THC) and Hexahydrocurcumin (HHC) and studies have show that these metabolites are less active then curcumin itself, so when metabolised the activity of the curcumin to be lost.

So, what can we do to make the active ingredient ‘curcumin in our turmeric tonic more available?

Phospholipids!  GOOD FATS!

  •  Organic Cold Pressed Oils, such as Cacao / Coconut / Avocado / Olive  / Sunflower Oil.
  • Avocados, etc.

Add these into your diet everyday for good essential fats and acts as carrier for Turmeric.

Latest research is showing that phospholipids and micelles (a unit that is built up from polymeric molecules or ions).

Micelles and phospholipids complexes increase the absorption from the gut and achieve higher blood plasma concentration and lower the elimination, resulting in better absorption.

Curcuminoids are oil based.

Also  Flaxseed oil, Hemp oil, Avocado oil, are all great fats that we need daily and when taken with turmeric, it will vastly improve its absorption rate.

So the Potent Benefits Turmeric offers:

  • A natural powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.
  • Can assist with cancers.
  • Eczema can be supported with Turmeric.
  • Diabetes and arthritis can also be helped.

There are other ways of making curcumin more available, but these are the most easiest and most people take black pepper and good fats in form or another.  As turmeric is such an important food for everyday living, its imperative to make it more available for your body to assimilate and absorb it, hence getting the potent healing power of turmeric.

While it is a powerful herb, if you are wanting to alleviate a condition, it is important to note that others herbs supplements may also be needed to support your body as a whole.

Even more important is that your body be should always be in a continual detox.  Our environment, food, water is constantly being bombarded with various pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, etc and sometimes our bodies cannot cope with the toxicity and dis-ease occurs.

So for your body to heal it needs to be clean, then feed nourishing organic food.

Luminous Living to you! 🙂


reference: Turmeric – The Ayurvedic Spice of Life – Author: Prashanti de Jager M.S

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