H2 - Heavenly Hydrogen

Inhaling H2 Therapeutic Gas is an effortless modality that everyone can use, regardless of age and health status. In fact, with health challenges, it works even better!

How does it work?

Breathing in H2 therapeutic gas has the ability to flood every cell on a deep level and perform many, many benefits.

  • A top anti-oxidant and anti-aging molecule, improving every cell and organ of the body.
  • It self-selects and removes harmful dis-ease and age causing free radicals.
  • Powers the battery in your cells (ATP).
  • Assists in neutralizing hormone disrupting xenoestrogens.
  • Anti-inflammatory (the silent killer that causes so much pain and chronic diseases).
  • Improves skin health and hydration – Drinking the H2 water with the Portable Health Fountain for even more benefit.
  • Improves the function of the endocrine system, including the thyroid gland.
  • Enhances athletic performance.
  • EMF, ELF’s radiation detoxing and buffers the cells.
  • So much more than we can list here.

Why this H2 Heavenly Hydrogen?

The YES Team are committed to bringing humanity gifts from our creator and have developed a unique patented Advanced Resonant Plasma (ARP) Technology that utilizes three technologies into one that emits resonant plasma fields which are very harmonizing to the emotional body, as well as the physicality in all their health tools.

Their Breath of Health 1200 system is no exception and offers extra unique beneficial properties:

The ARP Tech Cell which is installed on the machine contain various plasma state elements. A unique blend of Plasma state C02, Plasma of Zinc and Plasma of 24K Gold and specially calibrated natural Quartz Crystals.
The electrons of these elements (C02, Zn0, Au, Quartz) permeate and charge the water in the holding tank of the machine, making the water more conductive prior to generating the Electrolysis cell, making the Molecular H2 Therapeutic Gas more bio-active, further supporting the immune system, calming and regenerating the nervous system, increase circulation, gently detoxing the lymph system. Additional therapeutic properties of 24k Gold on its own, is very harmonizing.


Each session you will be inhaling the H2 Molecular therapeutic gas AND The Champion C60 Molecule that binds to the H2 gas, ALSO charged from the ARP Tech Cell for even more benefit.

At the end of each session, you be will offered to drink the C60WS and H2 rich water to be super hydrated.

Aromatherapy can be added in if you choose. (Optional extra).

Duration :

60 Mins

Price :


Get Started :

We recommend 1 or 2 hourly sessions.

 For bookings and times, click on the ‘enquiries’ button above to reserve a spot.

Your cells, tissues and organs will benefit immediately! However, as everybody’s terrain is different, different effects will be felt at different levels over different periods of time.

Hydrogen is a must have added health tool together with…..

  • 100% natural bio-actived supplements can and should be implemented.
  • Organic plant-based diet, where possible.
  • H2 nutrient rich water for optimum health.


    We are based in the Waikato (20mins North of Hamilton)

    Disclaimer: H2 Therapeutic Molecular Hydrogen is not intended to treat, cure any disease, read more


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