YES! H2 Golden Radiance C60 Fullerene, Active Face and Body Cream

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YES! H2 Golden Radiance C60 Fullerene,
Active Face and Body Cream

The YES! Team have made every attention to detail in their H2 Golden Radiance C60 Fullerene Active Cream. Perfected through their unique system of Advanced Resonant Plasma (ARP) Technology they hold solely.

Purely Plant based 100% and teaming with Life Force energy from their ARP Technology for optimum absorption and benefit.

The YES! Teams H2 Golden Radiance C60 Fullerene Face AND Body Cream is  RAW and ALIVE!  packed full of amazing skin and collagen rejuvenating properties of their Proprietary ARP Technology.

Your skin is the largest organ you have and is constantly exposed to environmental pollutants, stresses and lifestyle challenges and as you will see in the ingredients, the YES! Team have left nothing out!  Your skin will be highly nourished, balanced and soothed for Vitality, Youth and Optimum Health.

Hydrogen H2 and C60 Fullerenes Active. Enzyme Active. Probiotic Active. Beyond Raw and Beyond Organic in Purity Standards. ALIVE and blazing with Harmonizing Life Force Energy!

Created in small batches so as to assure each batch in perfect in every way.

What YOU can enjoy and benefit from:

  • Plasma Hydrogen H2 Activated.
  • 24K Gold in Plasma State
  • YES! Tree Lignan Bio Activated Organic Sulfur/MSM.
  • Natural Rose Quartz Crystals.
  • Essential Oils – Frankincense, Rose, Myrrh.
  • Resonant Hyaluronic Acid
  • YES! Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Magnesium.
  • Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Silver, Copper peptides.
  • YES! Plasmatic Essential Minerals Concentrate.
  • YES! Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Silica.
  • YES! 16 Strain Probiotics.
  • Certified Organic Argan Oil.
  • Harmonious Hz Frequencies and lots of Love!
  • Has anti inflammatory properties and anti pain properties, so can also be used not only on the face, but the whole body.
  • NMN & NAD+
  • YES! Acerola Cherry (Natural complex of Vitamin C).
  • Water Soluble C60 Fullerene.
  • Vegan 100%.

The YES! H2 Golden Radiance C60 Fullerene Face AND Body  Cream has been created with perfection inside and out. Creating inner peace, harmony and to calm emotional feelings within oneself.

With continued application:

  • Your skin can become softer.
  • Lightens any wrinkles, age/sunspots.
  • Can work well on warts, skin tags, skin cancers, skin fungus.
  • Collagen Building.
  • Gently detoxing and repairing the dermis cellular structure.
  • Naturally Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti fungal and Antimicrobial.
  • Can Reduce muscle and joint pain for the body.
  • Can speed up healing of injuries.
  • Can be very effective for burns, blemishes, bruises, infections, pain/inflammation, dermatitis, eczema, acne, and much more.

Application:  80ml – Apply twice daily.  Depending on area, can last for 3 months use. Suitable for all skin types and ages.

Using the YES! ARP Technology, the H2 Golden Radiance C60 Fullerene Face AND Body Cream benefits work on a cellular level also for protection of our brains from EMF’s and ELF’s through the biological pathways. (Not as a protection as such, but because the unique ARP Technology raises the vibratory action of the bodies cells it allows more resilient to pollutants).

The YES! H2 Golden Radiance C60 Fullerene Face AND Body Cream is very luxurious and the attention to detail for your youth and well-being is second to none!

The YES! Team has made sure the H2 Golden Radiance C60 Fullerene Face AND Body Cream is free of:

    • Alcohol.
    • Animal products.
    • Petrochemicals.
    • Minerals Oils.
    • Xanthum Gum
    • Anything Synthetic.

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Made in the USA.

**NOTE: The YES! Team take great care on what they offer you for your health and well-being. These products are unsurpassed in anyway for the research done and care taken to provide you with a top premium product.

The processes are timely, and we are okay with that, as we know this is not a mass produced product and is created with high integrity that is of huge importance to your health, physically, emotionally and spiritually and the investment you make IS WORTH IT!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease. Intended for research and educational use only.

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