Selenium Potential

 In Bio-Activated Minerals

Selenium is a trace mineral and is crucial for various cellular functions.

The amount of selenium that one ingests can vary as food sources is reliant on soil health, regardless of meat or plant ingestion, such as soil pH, amount of organic matter, etc.

As a result of many commercial farming practices the amount of minerals, nutrients might not not enough for our daily requirement as some farming practices do not replenish the soil properly. Herbicides, Pesticides are used too commonly which is not what our body needs.

Essential component of various enzymes and proteins, (called selenprotein) help make your DNA, protect against cell damage and infections.

The selenoproteins assist in the reproduction and metabolism of thyroid hormones. A majority of selenium is kept in the skeletal muscle, although the thyroid gland holds the highest concentration because of the selenoproteins that asssist the thyroid’s role.

Kidneys: Kidneys issues that undergo dialysis can be at risk as the process of dialysis can remove selenium out of the body and this needs to be monitored.

Thyroid: Selenium and Iodine play an important role in together in supporting the thyroid. Selenium assists in the role of Converting T4 (Thyroxine) into the active form of T3 (Triidothyronine) thyroid hormones.

DNA Health:  Selenium appears to enchance DNA damage control by increasing the expression levels of DNA repair proteins on genetically normal cells typcially. Not cells that may have mutated to cancer cells. But does seems to assist cells from chemo related treatments because of its protective effect on tissues.

Cancers:  As Selenium has antioxidant propterties, trials with Selenium have proved inconclusive to date as decreasing Cancer risks, but still Selenium is not to be disregarded in having the correct amount as it supports cellular repair.

Antioxidant properties: Selenium and Zinc are essential micronutrients that have important roles in reducing oxidative stress and protecting DNA from the attack of reactive oxygen species.

It seems that keeping the correct levels of Selenium is more important rather than taking higher dosages to reduce a health ailment as per the references below suggest.

Food Sources of Selenium:

Organic Brazil nuts / Meat such as, pork, beef, turkey, shellfish, and eggs.

RDA: Adult – 55mcg


About Plasmatic Ionic Selenium Liquid

Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Minerals are the only natural liquid minerals ever created that carry a spectrum of electrical spark charges, or rather Life Force of Plasmatic “Light Substance” within their structure. Not only are our PIL Minerals 100% Absorbable on the cellular level, bypassing the digestive tract, but their effect is Amplified, Enhanced and Prolonged greatly by the natural ARP Tech’s Enhancements and the C60 Fullerene in water soluble state. These unique features can not compare these Minerals to any other Ionic Minerals on the market.

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