Plasmatic Ionic Selenium


Plasmatic Essential Ionic Selenium

257ml (8.70oz)

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Plasmatic Essential Ionic Selenium

Selenium is another wonderful supporting element for other antioxidants such as Vit C and E. Regulates blood pressure.
It also helps to regulate the thyroid hormones and is important for converting the (T4) hormone ‘Thyroxine’ into it’s active partner (T3) ‘Trilodothyronine’.

Because of Global farming practices, soils in many countries are devoid of essential minerals, trace elements and so forth.

It is imperative that we replace these essential minerals in our bodies so they may function optimally and our youth retained.

This Selenium is ‘Bio Activated’ with the ARP Technology for deeper celluar absorption level.

40 Parts Per Million

Ingredients:  99.99% pure Selenium and 0.01% supporting trace minerals, purified water in its subabtomic state with over 72 trace elements, electrolytes and micronutrients necessary for the maximium Selenium efficacy.

Free of: Gluten, Soy, Dairy, nuts, pesticides, colouring, chemicals, preservatives, gluten, alcohol any and all animal products.

Suggested Maintenance Dose: Adults 1 tsp – Childen 1/2 tsp.

If using with a recommended protocol dosage may vary.

Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology is a 100% natural system, developed by our YES Team from the three aspects of Space Age Plasma Technologies (Keshe Technology, Plasma Fusion, Plasma Etherealization), Resonance and Radionics Technology into one system, like it has never been done before for the purpose of reversing dis-eases and aging.

The YES! Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Minerals are the only Angstrom Size Ionic Minerals on the market that carry an extra electrical spark charge, or rather “Light Substance” within its structure due to the Permanent Bio Energetic Charge achieved through the proprietary methods of our ARP Tech’s Enhancements. 
This means more bio activity, more bio availability, more bio energetic action, more bio permeability, higher vibratory action and therefore more efficacy on the cellular level as never done before!

YES! We are very blessed to have this important unique formulated element!!! 

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