H2 Zeolite Powder

 In Bio-Activated Minerals

H2 Zeolite – Bio Activated

Zeolite is another potent activator to remove many unwanted substances in our bodies that don’t belong there. Zeolite is an ancient volcanic mineral and has a high absorbency ability to attract positively charged ion molecules and take them out of the body. (Zeolite is negatively charged).
The mineral size of Zeolite is extremely small and represents hundreds of microporous ion-exchange molecules, making it like a magnet for attracting other heavy metals to be eliminated.
The remarkable activity is the ion-exchange capability in water.  Zeolite has been used for removing succesfully toxic pollutants in industrial effluent and wastes, taking out heavy metals, ammonia, etc.
This H2 Zeolite Powder has been reinforced with Hydrogen Ion to enhance the conductivity, making this H2 Zeolite even more effective.
Possible Benefits:
  • Removal of unwanted heavy metals, i.e lead, mercury, aluminium, cadmium, etc.
  • Positive effect on the intestinal microbiome, by strengthening the gut lining.
  • Anti-oxidant by removing unwanted free radicals.
  • Detoxifying effect in removing lead on brain tissue, suggesting it could be very helpful for Alzhemiers. (See Reference Link).
  • Removing ammonia from the environment, particularly drinking water. Ammonia is a waste by-product from animal proteins which taxes the liver and kidneys.
  • Assists with fatigue, brain fog.
  • Mold removal, which can lead to serious respiratory conditions.
  • Can assist with Radioactive exposure such as X-rays, mammograms, and other radioactive matierals from radioactive fallout.
  • Pathogenic loads including candida and other various viruses.
  • Anti-inflammatory.

For the body to properly heal, maintain good health, detoxfication is a must.  To invest a good health protocol regime and not detox the body first is doing the body and the health protocol a disservice. It has to be cleansed so true health can be re-balanced and maintained.

Here is a must have Health Shot Protocol education PDF we are implementing into our lifestyle.

A 100% natural all-round approach Health Shot that covers every aspect of the body for great health.  If you are serious about health as we are then I would strongly recommend you start with this Morning Shot Protocol.

Like any Health Protocol patience and commitment are Key!





References: https://www.glycolife.net/post/zeolitedetoxguidewithzeolitepowderbenefits




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