Golden Ray Liquid Light

 In Golden Ray Liquid LIght

 Golden Ray-Liquid Light™

Advanced Resonant Plasma (ARP) Technology Whole Body Support CONCENTRATE!

Cream of the Crop! Golden Ray-Liquid Light™ CONCENTRATE is a pure natural Subatomic Plasma of 24K Gold, over 360 Subatomic Organic, Wild Crafted herbs and Superfoods from custom extracts in Plasma State.

Golden Ray-Liquid Light™ boasts over over 1000 Harmonious Frequencies for Harmonious Health, including the Resonance of the Golden Ray Healing Energy for the optimum balancing of all systemic systems and emotional aspects of the body.  In the Subatomic State, our body will match the energetic imprints of any and all ingredients it requires through its own self selective and self healing intelligence and mechanism, bypassing the digestion system!

As Our bodies convert food into gases in liquid plasma subatomic form and utilize that energy, and its properties, while eliminating the atomic waste.  In this process the body uses a lot of its own energy which can be a contributing factor to aging and drawing of  it’s own resources which it could otherwise use for optimum functioning.

Golden Ray-Liquid Light™  CONCENTRATE is in the form of concentrated energy that our bodies can use immediately!

Benefits of Golden Ray-Liquid Light:

  • Balanced and prolonged energy and endurance.
  • Helps our bodies eliminate inflammation and pain.
  • Less need for atomic food (can decrease by up to 1/2 in size and frequency).
  • Heightened athletic performance.
  • Re-balancing to all metabolic functions.
  • Weight balancing.
  • Establishes an inner resonant plasma field for whole body EMF Protection.
  • Cleanses nuclear and all negative radiation, including chemo.
  • Anti-viral, anti-bacterial (nano), anti-fungal, anti-parasitical, anti-mutation.
  • Protects the cells against mutation and reverts them back to healthy cells.
  • DNA and RNA repair and cell regeneration.
  • Balancing to all the essential precursors for total body health and well being.
  • Purifying, cleansing and harmonizing to the body, mind and emotions.
  • Expanding to the Life/Light Force within the cells.
  • Decalcifying to the Pineal gland.
  • Cleansing to the brain structure from heavy metals and pathogens.
  • Promoting natural inner Peace and Joy.
  • Helping the body, mind and emotions selfheal.
  • Raises the atomic structure’s Vibratory Rate.
  • Transmuting to lesser dis-ease causing frequencies.
  • Heightened Connection to the Source.
  • Heightened Intuition.
  • and much more…

It literally dissolves nano metals and all metals in the body on the cellular level. It is highly anti-inflammatory and great for bodily aches and pains, especially the ones caused by negative radiation and neurotoxins, including the migraines. It also helps with sustained energy and stamina.

Commitment and Patience is Key! 

Golden Ray-Liquid Light™ CONCENTRATE is NOT Ocean or Sea Plasma, it is NOT ORMUS (also called ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements)), or Monoatomic Gold. The Golden Ray-Liquid Light™ is created from a unique custom made system that is very, very different.

An Advanced Combination of of Three different aspects of the Plasma Technology, with only one of them currently known to the outside world.  The other two are not known, nor are they available!  

Through the unique developments that are always ongoing, which the YES! Team add the Resonance and Radionics into their liquids, in a very unique way that is very complex than just exposing the liquids to frequencies.  This is Additional Knowledge that has been gifted to the YES! Team by their teachers and guides, hence the name Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology and by which can benefit oneself to a higher level.

Golden Ray Liquid Light acts to help our bodies detox from so many invisible and persistent toxins such as toxic pesticides and their bio accumulative toxic by products, too – like Glyphosate (under brand name Roundup, etc.), 2,4-D, Oust, etc. and many less known poisonous formulations, of which are unfortunately constantly being imposed upon humanity through the foods, water, air in Nature, (through constant roadside sprays, agricultural sprays, forestry sprays, garden weed sprays, landscape sprays, apartment complex sprays, box stores applications, hotel industry pesticide sprays, etc., etc.) and all of which even in their trace amounts can persist for many months in the body and the environment and cause different types of cancers as these toxins not only can alter cells, but also can fuel the pathogens that can cause myriad of primary and secondary dis-eases; plus these toxins can cause number of emotional and mental unbalances, heart and cardiovascular diseases, as well as infertility, and most of the health issues humanity is dealing with, yet are not aware of the “invisible” enemy to their health and well being.

This is why proper daily and cellular detox is so crucial to apply as we are all exposed daily whether one knows it or not, the toxic pesticides’ by products are even found in most of the rain samples across America and throughout the world.

Until humanity stops the use of these toxins, for those of us who do not want them in our Temple bodies, the good thing is that we have been Answered, as God has answered my Call for Help.

The Golden Ray Liquid Light CONCENTRATE works through the pathways of neutralization by altering the molecular structure of these toxins, by deactivation of various pathogens, and by the enhancement of the life force/photons within the cells by raising the frequency of the vibratory action of the body, as well as the nurturing of the microbiome in your gut, which is so crucial to Immunity on all levels (Physical, Mental, Emotional) and in this case The Golden Ray Liquid Light CONCENTRATE is the only health product that I am aware of that actually does addresses the health of one’s Etheric Body (the one that you use when you lay your physical body to sleep) gradually purifying and rebalancing all of the systems, besides the cellular structure.

The reason for this is that the substance that it is made of is in a Light State of Matter, which is of a higher vibratory action than the so called physical or denser matter.

Other ways to use the Golden Ray (Liquid Sunshine)

  1. Use it in cooking (several drops can activate nutrients of a big pot of soup, or any cooked foods) and infuse it with Life/Light Force.
  2. Use it topically, and can be used on any skin challenges of viral, bacterial or fungal origin, and even in sunburn. It helps the skin heal much faster regardless of the causes
  3. Brillant for plants and flowers put several drops in your cut flowers and they always last 2-3 weeks longer.
  4. Use it in your Garden when watering.
  5. Uses are endless!


You can Purchase here in NZ

For Purchase and shipping OUTSIDE NZ click here

As well as taken the Golden Ray Liquid Light internally you can benefit even more with our Lifeforce Tonic wearables, our ‘Vessel of Light’ radiating in and around you daily.

Contains: Plasma Fields of subatomic state of all minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and nutrients known to man, as well as the amplified subatomic plasma of pure 24K Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Suggested Daily Research Dose:

Therapeutic Suggested Use: .5 to 1 tsp 3 times daily. in your smoothies, water, etc

Maintenance Suggested Use: 2.5mls once a day, under the tongue and allow to absorb for approx 15 seconds then swallow the remainder.

More can be taken if more detoxification is needed or added viral protection.

Golden Ray-Liquid Light works extremely well in conjunction with the H2 C60 Omega 3 Oil, or the C60WS,  both a most powerful Antioxidant.

Golden Ray-Liquid Liquid also works optimally with the Health Fountain™ H2 Water Generator-Portable.

Care:  No refrigeration needed and no expiry date!

**NOTE: The YES! Team take great care on what they offer you for your health and well-being. These products are unsurpassed in anyway for the research done and care taken to provide you with a top premium product. The processes are timely, and we are okay with that, as we know this is not a mass produced product and is created with high integrity that is of huge importance to your health, physically, emotionally and spiritually and the investment you make IS WORTH IT!

Disclaimer: All the above information have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  This product is for experimental and research use and by using this product you are soley responsible in how you use it and any effects 🙂

Made in the USA.

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