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Incredible Correct Protein Peptides-Cell Restore Powder is the only protein made into the Maximum Absorption Form of Low Molecular Weight Peptides though the YES! patented enzyme mediated process that removes the enzyme inhibitors, all antinutrients from the completely natural, and pure Oats, grown to our top purity standards Beyond the Organic methods (even some Organic methods use certain soil amendments that we do not agree with).

Through the patented Low Temperature Cultivation and through the specific enzyme procedure our Peptides have reached the lowest molecular weight for the highest absorbency of up to 98% into the functional enzyme rich hydrolyzed proteins with all the essential amino acids necessary for the proper cellular physiology, proper biochemistry and metabolism, with the amino acid composition similar or close to that of a mother’s breast milk.* 

NON – GMO Oats

For any protein to be fully 100% functional it needs to be adequately absorbable. The Correct Protein Peptides-Cell Restore Powder  is made under a specific patented enzyme hydrolysis, under a specific fermentation process-that does not add any sugars, and through the Golden Ratio of specific low temperature and timing, in order to preserve and enhance the enzymatic function while obtaining the Peptides that can function through the Correct “Peptide Delivery” for the correct regulation of the physiological functions, which is by far more superior process then any of the traditional Isolated Proteins.*

When the Protein is in its fully digested low molecular weight of a Peptide Form, the absorption is over 3-4 times more than the non digested form of all the other proteins, even if they were sprouted and fermented, they may still have higher osmotic pressure and add some burden on the digestive system, kidneys and liver.

In its low molecular Peptide Form, the Correct Protein Peptides are fully bio available and bio active. This is why our customers that are experimenting with our Correct Protein Peptides, often report that they no longer experience any bloating, as with previous kinds of proteins they used to take.


Healthy living

This Correct “Peptide Delivery” further enables the enhanced cellular benefits to the cardiovascular health, lowering of the bad cholesterol, contributing to better immunity, and the proper carbohydrate metabolism necessary to slow down the secretion of the carbohydrate digestive enzyme responsible for the rise in blood sugar-when sugars, carbs and starches are eaten; and in this way helps your body properly regulate the blood sugar balance.* 

Unlike other proteins, which are high in the osmotic pressure, this form of Correct Protein Peptides-Cell Restore Powder is Isotonic Capable without any burden upon gut, liver and kidneys and it can be metered and sequenced.

This means fully functional protein that is capable of helping your body perform its own proper cell metabolism, cell regeneration, cell restoration and fast recovery.*

This means less cellular stress, better metabolic function, more energy, more strength and endurance and less fatigue throughout the day.* 

Experience the extraordinary

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