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 In Bio-Activated Minerals

While Boron is not a major mineral, upon researching Boron’s Potential benefits, Boron plays an major role in assisting other minerals and vitamins to do their job effectively for us, as well as a stand alone supplement own for your daily health, as well as the plant and animal world.

Boron is not to be overlooked, it beneficially enhances the body’s use of estrogen, testosterone, Vitamin D, assists with magnesium absorption, essential in helping osteoarthritis, supports oxidative stress, heavy metal detoxification, shows to help with some cancers, such as prostate, lung, cervical and other cancers, improves cognitive performance, assists with enzyme activity, and more.

I have listed briefly the benefits of Boron from a great article I found, and a couple of studies in regards to arthritis, among others. If you want to know in more detail click in the reference link below.

  1. Bone Health –Assists with bone growth and maintenance. Osteogenesis (which is a genetic bone disorder at birth) can be very helpful with Boron as it is shown to influence the production and activity of certain hormones (steroid) via Boron can assist in the prevention of calcium loss and done demineralization. Also, with supplementing with Boron has shown to reduce urinary loss of both Calcium and Magnesium which are crucial minerals for bone health. Boron has anti-inflammatory effects, so in regards to osteorthritis this is very welcoming from the studies done.

Studies for osteoarthritis>”In the first 4 weeks, 80% of mild-to-medium OA (osteoarthritis) subjects reduced or eliminated their analgesic (ibuprofen) use. By 8 weeks, 67% had stopped using the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) medication. Joint rigidity disappeared in one-half of the mild and medium OA patients in the first 4 weeks and decreased in the remaining one-half by 87.5% on average. By week 8, all subjects with mild- and medium-level OA were rigidity free. Mobility and flexibility were significantly improved in 71.4% of subjects at 4 weeks and in 77.8% at 8 weeks.” 

In the severe OA (osteoarthritis) group, average pain reduction was 47.9% at 4 weeks and 64.5% at 8 weeks. In the first 4 weeks, 40% of subjects with severe OA reduced or eliminated their analgesic (ibuprofen) use. By week 8, 75% had quit using their NSAID medication (ibuprofen). Joint rigidity disappeared in one-half of the severe OA patients in the first 4 weeks. In the remaining one-half, joint rigidity decreased significantly, an average rigidity reduction of 50%. Mobility and flexibility were significantly improved in 50% of severe OA subjects at 4 weeks and in 62.5% at 8 weeks”.

2. Post-menopausal – This would fall under the Bone Health category as women are sesceptible to the loss of bone density of both Calcium and Magnesium post-menopause, hence the cause of hip-fractures/breaks.

3. Vitamin D – Uilization of Vitamin D can be benefited by an increase of Boron.

4. Wound Healing – Boron facilitates the role in the enzymes in fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the cells concerned with connective tissues, collagen and fibers that assist in extracellular matrix of tissue.

5. Toxicity of Heavy Metals – Boron compounds was shown to reduce many genotoxic effects of heavy metals that cause DNA damage.

6. Brain Activity and Psychological Function – Low levels of Boron shows decreased brain activity , poor performance of motor speed, dexterity attention (tasks associated with hands skills) and short memory, suggesting heavy metal toxicity and malnutrition.

7. Magnesium is assisted by Boron for absorption.  Hence why it is in the Plasmatic Ionic Magnesium Liquid as a supporting trace mineral (and the C60 Fullerene) for its efficacy. Since Magnesium is a major mineral and approx 60% of Magnesium in your body is found in the bone, it can recognised as a very important micronutrient to have sufficent of.

8. Sex Hormones – The supplementation of Boron shows that those who are not receiving enough Boron have benefited with sex hormones, such as testosterone levels increase, (in women and men), particularly if dietary intake of Magnesium is low.

At this stage, there is no definite RDA (recommended Dietary Intake) for Boron. It is called a trace mineral as there are only traces in our foods,

 Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Boron – C60 fullerene Enhanced

What are PIL Minerals? Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Minerals are the only natural liquid minerals ever created that carry a spectrum of electrical spark charges, or rather Life Force of Plasmatic “Light Substance” within their structure. Not only are our PIL Minerals 100% Absorbable on the cellular level, bypassing the digestive tract, but their effect is Amplified, Enhanced and Prolonged greatly by the natural ARP Tech’s Enhancements and the C60 Fullerene in water soluble state. These unique features can not compare our Minerals to any other Ionic Minerals on the market. is the most bio effective Boron,  due to the natural ARP (Advanced Resonant Plasma) Technology which ca

As a guide Adults of 18yrs and over is approx 2gm/day.  Based on the studies done in the reference link, it seems that 3gm/day is more beneficial especially if dealing with bone issues, such as osteoarthritis, osteopenia, osteoporsis. Also breast, prostate, lung cancer.

Some foods that contain Boron:

Avocado / Peanuts / Grape and Prune Juices / Chocolate / Broccoli / raisins / Lima beans / spinach and peas / Most nuts / Lentils.

And of course, with farming practices not optimum, we are not getting the correct amounts of minerals, vitamins and micronutrients we need for optimum health.

If you are wanting to supplement with Boron to assist for certain conditions, you can find it here Plasmatic Ionic Liquid form, supported with the other trace minerals AND C60 Fullerene, which amplifies Boron even further for more effective efficacy.

The Link below as mentioned certainly highlights more studies done, and how Boron is certainly a trace element that needs to be in our daily lifestyle.





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