Health Protocol – Delta Variant ‘Detoxing’ Part 1

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Detox Jab Protocol  – ‘Delta Variant’ Part 1

Updated 16/9/2021

Please Note: This Protocol is designed to act through the multilevel pathways in the bodily system and it is all encompassing for both mRNA technology and the JJ injections (made through a non mRNA approach).

For the sake of being practical with time and space in this protocol, we will be not going to go into all the deep details on how all of these formulas work in detox and restoring effects, nor will we be citing any supportive studies, but will focus on the Outline below for those that are ready to start and help cleanse their bodies, and when it comes to the mRNA tech, there are a lot of professional opinions out there that once in the body that the body will generate S-Protein indefinitely and that there’s nothing one can do about it.

Through Dr Mariana’s inner Communion with God’s Supreme Intelligence she was shown that God’s Mercy to Life has not forsaken humanity and that answers are available to reverse this process, for those that seek, they shall find.

The Protocol works, and it has been helping people who have reached out to them to remove much of the symptoms of:

  • Inflammation/pain.
  • Various infections.
  • Ear ringing, etc.
  • Nervous system problems.
  • Blood disorders, blood pressure issues, blood sugar imbalances, etc.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Headaches.
  • Lungs, liver, heart, circulation and kidneys problems.
  • Autoimmune issues.
  • Fertility and hormonal issues.

The symptoms of the side effects for people can be somewhat similar, but they are mostly unique depending upon so many aspects of one’s age, bodily terrain and health condition, what was in the injection at the time of the administration, since there is a high possibility that not all of the batches are made the same, and some have been used as a control through placebo (saline solution); some contain different levels of toxic graphene oxide, heavy metals, nano metals, etc. so this is why there’s a lot of contradictory info and different experiences in the outer world.

Some injections’ negative side effects have been observed to exhibit the pathogenic expressions that act similar to viral and bacterial infections, as well as the parasitic, too.

Also, there are those that are not having any symptoms, which may be due to the placebo injections’ effect, or other factors, so by doing this Protocol in order to detox and rejuvenate one’s body and organs, etc. one can still benefit greatly, since these Health Gems are multidimensional in their health applications.


Please read through the protocol first, you will need to purchase these supplements (links provided) if you do not already have them.

The supplements links are direct from the YES Team in the USA .
However, we have do stock some of the items here in NZ, so please get in touch to see how we can help with getting you started first off.

Also this Protocol would work well as smoothies divided into three with your favourite organic seasonal fruit or alternatively juiced greens.

The Vitamin K2 is fat soluble, so we suggest to either add in the H2 C60 Omega 3 Oil or otherwise avocado if adding to a green juice or if blending with organic fruit, then coconut cream, any good fat for better absorption of the Vit K2.


This Protocol should be followed for at least 3 weeks and some may require longer application.

1) STEP# 1: Make the Detox Drink from the ingredients below, divide into three servings and take 3 times per day, 1 hour before or 1.5 hours after any meal.

If you are ready to get started…..

In 16 oz (approx 2 cups or 500mls) of clean pure water mix:

a) 1 teaspoon (27 serves) of the Golden Ray Liquid Light CONCENTRATE.

(Shake well before use).  This formula dissolves nano metal, graphite oxide, heavy metals, and different viral expressions, protects from GMO’s, and radiation, etc.

b) 1 teaspoon (27 serves) of the Champion C60 WS CONCENTRATE.

Works on the Spike Protein and does not allow viruses to enter cells. Helps with may bodily functions, too long to list here. It is one of the top antioxidants, period.

c) 1 teaspoon (80 serves) of the bio activated H2 Zeolite Powder.

Anti viral and removes various poisons. Helpful to stop diarrhea. Diarrhea that lasts longer than 5 days needs to be addressed, more can be used for this purpose.

d) 1/2 teaspoon (80 serves) of the My Armor Blood Builder.

Acts to nourish the blood and rebalance the platelet count.

e) 1/8th teaspoon (over 600 serves) of the Zinc Orotate+.

f)  2 teaspoons (25 serves) of the Magnesium Orotate+.

g) 1 Tablespoon (30 serves) of the H2 MCP Powder.

Binds various toxins and crosses the BBB.

h) 50,000 IU’s of the Plant Based Vitamin D3 Powder  AND  1/2 tsp+ 1/8th tsp of the plant based K2 Vitamin Spectrum.

Please make sure that you do the exact measures.  FOR EVERY scoop of Vit D3 (in this case 5 mini scoops), you need 1/8th tsp, so 5 x 1/8th tsp of Vit K2.

i) 6-12 capsules (some people required more due to the severity of side effects) of the Optimum Immunity Systemic Enzymes.

Options: you can open the capsules or just blend them into the mix.

j) 12 Immunity Mushroom Mix

1/2 teaspoon (50 serves)

k) Optimum Parasite Flush

1 teaspoon. (50 serves)


l) This is the step where you add the Herbal Medicinal Extracts.

Please note: The YES Team’s extracts are made with clinically proven to work herbals in their optimum ratios for the designed health functions and precise efficacy. Many are wildcrafted from their Forest and all are grown to the utmost purity standards without the use of any synthetics.

The first FIVE of the Herbal formulas are a must, and the others should be added if you have any of those symptoms, or if you want to further support your body’s functions with that particular formula.

Options: You can either open the caps and empty them into the ABOVE STEP#1 Mix or you can just blend them in for ease.

1) Optimum Nervous System Formula.

4-6 capsules.

2) Optimum Liver Formula.

4-6 capsules.

3) Optimum Kidney.

4-6 capsules.

4) Optimum Circulation. 

4-6 capsules.

5) Optimum Lungs.

4-6 capsules.

6) If you have gastrointestinal issues (pain, diarrhea, stomach cramps, indigestion, etc.)

Gastro Intestinal. 

4-6 capsules.

7) If you have Tinnitus, use the Ear Ring Stop Formula.

4-6 capsules.

8) If you have Fertility issues caused by Jab, or any hormonal issues due to the side effects:

Optimum Fertility.

4-6 capsules.

9) Hormonal (for both man and women):

Optimum Hormonal Balance.

4-6 capsules.

1o) If you have Blood Pressure Issues add the Optimum Blood Pressure.

4-6 capsules.

11) If you have Blood Sugar Issues add the Optimum Blood Sugar.

4-6 capsules.


STEP #2 Diet:

a) You can benefit greatly by doing green smoothies for breakfast with different nutritional additions. Dr Mariana has developed a medicinal green smoothie YES! Health Smoothie that is not only nourishing, but very rejuvenating for the entire bodily system.

You can purchase the Instructions on how to make HERE.

b) For lunch you can make vegetable soups. Some people that have reached out to us have lost much of their appetite after the Jab, and some are experiencing on and off diarrhea, ever since the Jab.

If you cannot eat much, then the YES! Health Smoothie would be important for necessary nourishment.

Note: Dr Mariana will be releasing recipes on YES! Health Soups, which are healing and specific in which vegetables to use and which to avoid, and what nutrients and herbs to use for the most benefit to your health.

It is important to avoid Allium Plant Family while healing and detoxing, and if possible, completely omit this group of plants. It would take a whole book to explain why, so she will not go onto details here. Unfortunately, most people and even the health practitioners do not know that these plants (onions, garlic, leeks, chives, etc.) can cause insufficient immune response, leaky gut, candida flare ups, headaches, etc.

c) Stay away from all coffee, alcohol, refined sugar, packaged food products with preservatives, soft drinks, all animal meat and dairy, eggs, onions, garlic, leeks, chives, marijuana and all its products. All these plants will interfere with the efficacy of the Detox Jab Protocol.

d) Try to use only 100% Certified Organic or even purer produce and foods. Others have traces of pesticides that can be toxic to the body even in trace amounts, or can be GMO, which are also potentially carcinogenic.

e) Use only truly natural and pure oral health care, and hygiene products that are applied on your skin. Skin is the largest organ, and I would personally not put anything on my skin that I can not eat.

We have a very pure and effective range of oral care and skin products.

Also, we will have the remineralizing body and hair care and soap products soon.

f) Be careful not use any chemical detergents and or driers’ sheets, which all have synthetic fragrances are bio accumulating and can cause multiple hormonal issues, autoimmune issues and many are carcinogenic. Only use truly natural and pure detergents and avoid or even better omit dryers sheet.

g) Include 1/2 teaspoon of the H2 C60 Omega 3 Oil daily for Omega 3’s and also for the benefit of cleansing and antioxidant action.

h) Include 1-2 capsules of the Astaxanthin daily for the eyes and cardio health as well as to add an additional aid for the cytokine storm. (respiratory infections, variouse inflammation, severe flu symptons and immune reactions, caused by viruses, medical interventions, etc).

i) Include the Conifer Needle Power Tea in your daily regime for its health benefits and protection from spike protein.

j) Focus on drinking only H2 Water. You can find the portable generator here

k) H2 Breathing is very recommended. Dr Mariana’s Team offer the highest H2 ml/min output and you can find our unit here.


We hope that this of help to you, please get in touch if you need any further assistance.




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