Health Protocol for Viruses and Beyond

Designed carefully for various viruses and beyond.

Supplements can be selected as needed for various

health challenges.

These can be ordered as per instruction.

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These Protocols has been designed by the YES Team for invincible immunity that protects and assist fight off any kind of ‘flu’ and ‘viruses’ and to those that are experiencing advserse effects. This protocol is proving to be extremely helpful and great results (and relief) are being experienced.

The YES Team develop many exceptional health solutions and has marked this Protocol as a target for pathogenic invaders, bacteria, toxins, heavy metal, it covers all types of viruses, strains and will gear your iummunity system to rid them all, if commited daily.

Their dedication to assist mankind is their service to humanity and our association with the YES Team in these  most unique health solutions makes us very proud to be part of their Gift to Humanity.

Remember, it is your body that does the healing, if given the correct information it will respond accordingly. This is a whole rounded approach which covers all strains of viruses, even the nano size pathogens, which is extremely crucial to understand. Many approaches may not cover all the strains.

Depending in your current health situation and budget. Start at the top and implement more as you possibly can. WITH COMMITMENT.

It is the dosage and frequency of use that determines the speed of helping your immune system of taking out any viral load or preventing any unwanted dis-ease to occur. Plus they will assist with other health conditions you may be experiencing. COMMITMENT IS KEY!

Here is the Protocols recommend by the Co-Founder of the YES Team – Dr Mariana Light. (I have added a few on the end)

There are Three Protocol Outlines.
Depending on where you are at, i.e symptoms, you may need to combine some products/supplements from the different protocols.

ARP Tech ‘jab’ Health Protocols Outline:

1.  Detox Jab Protocol.

In this Protocol, addressed is what has been found that works for those that have taken the shot and are suffering ill effects and for those that have had health issues being in proximity with those that have taken the COVID 19 Shot, due to above explained Transmissions.

2.  Avoidance and Healing Protocol.

Despite the constant fear mongering propaganda, the truth is that ‘Jab” is not hard to avoid and heal naturally if you have the knowledge of what you need to do and apply that knowledge daily, without fail. Those that have healed will in fact have the immunity to it and all its variants, but the support of your Immunity has to continue daily, and the Protection from the Transmissions needs to be addressed, as well as the detox for those that have taken the shot.

3. ‘Jab’ PCR Test Detox Protocol for those that have taken the PCR Tests since there are several scientifically proven concerns for the brain structure with this test and it needs to be addressed, due to the findings from the very disturbing news from Slovakia, where hospital staff in Bratislava conducted an investigation into the PCR tests. They concluded that the cotton swab tests, which are inserted through the nose all the way to the brain, are designed to implant your body with DARPA Hydrogel. This information about Test Sticks, DARPA Hydrogel, and Lithium is publicly available in scientific work.
See the PDF document.

Lastly, we hope that the sharing of the Solutions presented below (as what we would do if in the particular situation) helps you feel safe in knowingness that you have all the tools necessary to be victorious in your invincible health as you apply it daily.
Now it is up to you to implement as you choose.”

A Note on Purchasing and shipping  in NZ and Outside NZ Ordering.

Not everything that is outlined in all of the Protocols we carry here in NZ, as the ARP Tech wellness range is very vast.
We are more than happy to order in for yourself or loved ones.
If you are outside of NZ, then a link is supplied for direct shipping. 
As follows:

A) Golden Ray Liquid Light CONCENTRATE

Note: Works for both Detox, Avoidance and Healing of COVID19.

We have sent free gifts to dozens of individuals who were suffering with many ill effects after the Jab to see if it will help with many of the symptoms mentioned above whether directly from the Jab or from the transmissions…

We are humbled to report that it is helping tremendously, unlike anything we have seen in the outer world of detox choices!

Golden Ray Liquid Light CONCENTRATE consists of over 360 plants in their plasma state (including the Pine Needles, Pine Pollen, Douglas Fir Needle Tips/Mature Branches harvested on our Beyond Organic Farm and Forest, Anise Seeds, Fennel Seeds, and many other leaves and seeds that are rich in Shikimic Acid, among other important herbs and their functions) which in their plasma state (4th state of matter) transmit their frequencies and information on the energetic subatomic levels (this is way more advanced than homeopathy, BTW), and therefore the body’s intelligence can utilize that energetic imprint to help self purify and rebalance that which is necessary.

It works in dissolving nano metals, heavy metals, aluminum, GMO organisms, as a powerful detox from various toxins and pathogens, as well as the detox from radiation, EMF’s, ELF’s, etc., toxic herbicides/pesticides and is a very strong immunity support formula, besides the fact that helps with energy levels and stamina and addresses all bodily systems.

It has proven to take back the GMO seeds back into their original blueprint and since the Jab is made to gene modify, we have a reason to believe that it will help in gene restoration after the Jab and in its  transmissions.

Dosages we noted worked:

a) For Avoiding transmissions 1/4 teaspoon 1x per day for an average healthy individual in the morning, or 2x per day morning and evening in individuals with underlying health conditions.

b) For Detox in those that have taken the Jab 1/2 teaspoon 2-3 times per day, spaced evenly (morning, afternoon and evening) or up to 4-5 times per day, depending upon the severity of symptoms early morning, late morning, noon, afternoon, early evening, before bed).

Should be done for at least 21 days and depending upon the severity of health issues can be continued for 2-3 months in this way or longer, and then taken 1/4-1/2 tsp per day once or twice a day per individual unique health need as a Maintenance for health enhancement and daily ally support.

Best taken sublingually, held for 30-60 seconds under tongue and then swallowed.

It can be taken in a glass of water with 4-6 oz water. Best used on an empty stomach, at last 30 min before or 60 minutes after meals.

Ordering / Availability: I always have this in stock as a stand alone total body support maintenance.

To Purchase in New Zealand click here

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Note: Works for both Detox, Avoidance and Healing of COVID19.

We now have more solid evidence that our Champion C60 WS, besides so many incredible health benefits of
prolonging the lifespan by a very high %, acting as a top antioxidant to neutralize the inflammation/pain, to help generate more energy, acting to help restore the gut lining, to cleanse the brain, to enhance memory and reverse memory loss, etc. is demonstrating a preventative action against many bacteria, foreign substances and yes, viruses, including the HIV, etc. and COVID-19.

Read more info here on the Champion C60WS

Dosages: Combine with the Golden Ray Liquid Light CONCENTRATE and use the same dosages described above.

Ordering / Availability: I always have this in stock as a stand alone total body support maintenance.

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For those of you who are suffering skin rashes due to the contact with those that have been vaccinated, of those of you who have been vaccinated and now experience rashes.

Ordering / Availability:
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It really works wonders.


D 1) Xeno Estro Blast Oil.

For those of you who have taken the PCR Test.
You need to detox the:
1) Nylon.
2) Darpa Hydrogel.
3) Lithium and Pineal gland.

Use both the H2 Holy Oil in combination.
Both can be used internally as well to help detox the Pineal Gland.

New Zealand,  I can order this in for you.
To Purchase Outside NZ, Click here

D 2) H2 Holy Oil.

The H2 Holy Oil and Zeno Extro Blast Oil need to be combined because they both have the components that will dissolve the nylon, Darpa Hydrogel, Lithium and help cleanse the Pineal Gland.

Couple of drops of each oils into both of your nostrils, by laying flat, tilting your head backwards. Wait for at least 5 minutes laying in flat position with your chin tilted backwards.

Do this for 5-7 days in a row.
This should be sufficient.

Ordering / Availabilty:

New Zealand, I can order this in for you.

To Purchase Outside NZ, Click Here


E) Optimum Immunity Systemic Enzymes.

To further help in detox and dissolve spike proteins and for those that are suffering whole body inflammation/pain, and blood clotting our Optimum Immunity Systemic Enzymes works excellent! These will digest the foreign protein and will restore your immunity, as well as reduce pain and whole body inflammation.
It works very well to dissolve blood clots and protect from spike proteins.

Dosages: 2-3 caps, 2-3 times per day.

For acute cases: 4-6 or even 6-8 caps at 3-4 times par day, depending upon the severity.

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F) H2 MCP (Modified Citrus Pectin).

For those of you who can afford further Detox of all the tissues, organs and blood, and for the effect of crossing the BBB for deeper detox, and that of your brain structure add the H2 MCP.

The best way to use it for deep detox is to take 5 grams = 1 measure teaspoon (clinically proven dosage) 3 times per day in 6 oz water for 3 months straight (morning, afternoon, evening) on an empty stomach. It can be combined with all of the above formulas for better synergy.

This will first cleanse the tissues, then organs and then blood.
For regular Daily Maintenance use 5 grams/ 1 teaspoon per day. I will never be without this in this world where toxins are constant invasion, and in this Detox Protocol this has been shown as a must! H2 MCP has been clinically studied and proven to work.

Ordering / Availability:
New Zealand, I can order this in  for you.
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D) My Armor – Magnesium Spray.

For Topical Detox, Nourishment and Protection from transmissions:

use the YES  My Armor Spray each day.

It contains our C60 Fullerence (WS) in it and it will help with activating the virus and for bio protection.

click here to read more on the My Armor Spray

Ordering / Availability:
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FYI (New formulation has been made including plasma state of Conifer Needles (Pine, Spruce, Douglas Fir), which are sustainably harvested on the YES Beyond Organic Farm and Forest.


E) C60WS Eagle eye Drops.

For Eyes that have been affected use The C60 Eagle Eye Drops.

They have helped clear the red eyes and infections associated with myriad of pathogens and  it helps to protect from COVID19.

They have many eye health applications.

Ordering / Availability:

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F) 1. Hormonal Balance.

For those of you who are suffering with painful menses, irregular periods, hormonal changes, as a result of the shot and its transmissions and wanting to conceive and become fertile use both of these Formulas Together:

Hormonal  Balance work in combination with the Xeno Estrostop.

Usage: as per Label.
Ordering / Availability
New Zealand, I can order this in for you.

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2) The Xeno-Estrostop

Usage: as per Label


New Zealand, I can order this  in for you.

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G) H2 C60 Omega Oil.

For those that need even deeper purification use the H2 C60 Omega 3 Oil.

A lot of people have reported that this alone has helped them tremendously, taking 1 teaspoon a day.

Click here for more  information on the H2 C60 Omega Oil

Ordering / Availability:
This is a crucial staple of ours and always have it in stock.

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H) For those of you who need to support your Lungs, Liver and Kidneys use the:

1) Optimum LUNG Herbal Formula.

Just 2 caps in the morning and evening will help protect and heal and rejuvenate your Lungs. For cases where chest tightness has occurred used 3 caps 3 times per day, or in acute cases  for acute therapeutic level use 4 caps  4 -5 times a day until situation is cleared.

Use on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after.

You can combine it with all of the above formulas and take together with the below formulas. You can open the caps if you do not like swallowing caps, too and mix into 6-8 oz water.

New Zealand, I can order in for you.
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2) Optimum LIVER Herbal Formula.

Use in the same way/dosages as the Lung Formula.


New Zealand, this  can be ordered in for you.
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3) Optimum KIDNEY Herbal Formula.

Use in the same way/dosages as for Lung and Liver Formulations.

Ordering / Availability:
New Zealand, I can order this in for you.
To order outside NZ Click Here


Vitamin D and Vitamin K2.   VITAL!

I) Vitamin K2: To support your Immunity daily it is crucial that you get adequate amounts of Vitamin D3and K2 daily.

It MUST be taken together with the Vitamin D3 which in this case has its own health benefits and it will help to channel the Calcium from the blood into the bones.

The dosages are on the Label.

Vitamin K2

Ordering/ Availability:
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Vitamin D3

The YES Team’s Vitamin D3 is the only bio activated plant based (from Tree Lichen) powder available, and it lends itself for the high dosages needed for optimum immunity. Even my healthiest clients with longer daily sun exposures are testing Vitamin D3 deficient, due to aluminum toxicity, etc. therefore it must be supplemented, and especially if you want optimal immunity and other health benefits it helps with.

The daily dosage that is adequate for the average adult as an avoidance of pathogenic infections is 20,000IU’s – 30,000 IU’s. When fighting off infections and flu 50,0000IU’s and in cases of cancer even up to 100,000IU’s for a certain period.

Ordering/ Availability:
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J) Optimum Blood Pressure.

For those of you needing Blood Pressure Support, as a result of the vaccine’s injury or from transmissions our Optimum Blood Pressure Herbal Formula works great.
Dosage: as per label.

Ordering / Availability:
New Zealand, I can order this in for you.
To Purchase OUTSIDE NZ, Click Here


K) Correct Vitamin e Oil.
As well as cardio benefits, the ‘correct’ vitamin e is also crucial for

  • Potent as a neuroprotective.
  • Anti-cancer aiding, particularly in advanced ovarian cancer.
  • Cholesterol and Triglyceride reduction.
  • Exceptional effect on inflammation markers reduction.
  • Bone building and bone strength – especially helping post-menopaual women with Osteopenia.
  • Assisting fatty liver disease reduction was well down.
  • Skin Protection in relation to UV protection and wound healing in MRSA infection and Melanoma

Correct Vitamin E Oil is a fat-soluble nutrient and we suggest that you use it in conjunction another powerful antioxidant H2 C60 Carbon Omega 3 Oil .
The H2 C60 Carbon Omega 3 Oil acts as a carrier for the Vitamin E,  it is also Bio Activated with the unique process of Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology, which allows the Vitamin E to be more available to the body at cellular level. making it even more effective.

Ordering / Availability
NZ, I always have the vitamin e oil here in stock, Click here.
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Here are some extra Health Solutions as well I would to add.

K) Zinc.

a. option – Optimum Zinc Orotate+ (Powder form)

The Orotate+ Mineral range and the Plasmatic Liquid Range are ones the Dr Mariana Light uses for her clients as she has found them to be the best for absorption, utilization and best for correcting unbalances of mineralization.  They are naturally bio activated with the ARP Tech to make them more conductive and therefore more effective.

Zinc Orotate+  is mixed with the proper ratio of trace minerals that support Zinc. They are perfect for a more restorative measure, whereas the Plasmatic minerals are for a void of minerals and a maintentance level.

Click here to read more on the Zinc Orotate

Dosages: as per label.

Ordering / Availability:

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b. option – Plasmatic Ionic Zinc Liquid – C60 Fullerene enhanced.  (Coming Soon to NZ)

New Zeaand, I can order this in for you .

To Purchase Outside NZ Direct Click Here


L). Iodine – Plasmatic Ionic Iodine Liquid – C60 Fullerence Enhanced.

What are PIL Minerals? Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Minerals are the only natural liquid minerals ever created that carry a spectrum of electrical spark charges, or rather Life Force of Plasmatic “Light Substance” within their structure. Not only are our PIL Minerals 100% Absorbable on the cellular level, bypassing the digestive tract, but their effect is Amplified, Enhanced and Prolonged greatly by the natural ARP Tech’s Enhancements and the C60 Fullerene in water soluble state. These unique features can not compare our Minerals to any other Ionic Minerals on the market.

Dosages as per label.

To Purchase in NZ Click Here.

To Purchase Outside NZ Click Here



We all know Vitamin C is a must for great health, but not just ascorbic acid, as the sometimes the source might not be preferable. Wholefood Vitamin C would definitely be my choice as you get much more than just Vitamin C, you are getint the extra minerals and vitamins, nutrients, etc from that wholefood.

Known Benefits of Vitamin C are endless and here are just a few.

  • Helps promote Circulation
  • Support Optimum Immunity
  • Supports Bile Production
  • Healthy Digestion and Intestines
  • Collagen Production
  • Supports T4 to T3 conversion rates in Thyroid Gland
  • Lessens Bloating
  • Helps balance out the pH in your gut
  • Supports the gut Flora growth.
  • Assists with absorption of Iron.
  • High Blood pressure support.94mg Vit C per 10gm Serve

I have TWO great Vitamin C Wholefoods to offer.

A. NZ Organic ViBeri Blackcurrant Powder.   (NZ Only)

(96mg of Vit C per 10g serve of ViBeri Powder)

To Purchase Click in NZ Click Here


B. H2 Acerola Cherry Vitamin C Complex 454gm (OUTSIDE NZ)

 New Zealand, I can order this for you.

To Purchase OUTSIDE NZ Direct Click Here

A very high concentration of Vit C, Hydrogen reinforced for better conductivity and efficacy.



M).  Pathogen Flush



All are very important and that is why these protocols have been created.The Golden Ray-Liquid Light and Champion C60Ws are a must, hence why they are first on the lists.
I know this may range of solutions may not be possible for all of you or loved ones due to budgets etc, but the the Golden Ray and C60 would definitely be my go to, to start and implement more as you possibly can.
For even deeper cellular detoxing the H2 MCP Powder and C60 Omega oil.COMMITMENT IS KEY TO SUCCESS!All these products are of the highest beyonde organic and purest standards, with NO chemicals, GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides etc.

AND with the patented (ARP )Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology applied to each product for deeper cellular efficacy.
Hope that is off assistance and if you know of others who are being challenged with the effects of the ‘Jab’, please ask them to get in touch and I am happy to send them these health gems.If I can be of assistance please email only me at any time to help you or others through this.This is so needed right now!
Many blessings and Legions of Light.


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