H2 C60 Oil – Omega 3 with ARP Technology.

 In C60 Everything

 H2 C60 Oil with Omega 3

Unique In Every Way!

Highest Purity (99.99%+) C60 Isolate.

Hydrogen Reinforced for Double Antioxidant Power!

A potent 2mg’s per gram!


Structure of C60 fullerene. 60 pentagon shaped carbon atomTechnology is rapidly allowing us to assist in your health with ways that could not have been imagined in the past.

We are very blessed to be able to provide you with the YES! H2 C60 Oil Omega 3 that can aid in free radical neutralization, boost your immunity, assist in deep cellular detox,  emotionally and physically for a life changing experience.

If you are wanting a very Potent Ultra High Pure, Bio Activated H2 C60 Oil, You have found it!

Please read further to understand why it’s so unique and a must have…

  • The YES! H2 C60 Oil Omega 3 is permanently bonded with H2, Molecular Hydrogen for more than double its effect in antioxidant ability.
  • A special non chemical proprietary mechanical method is utilized that dials in to isolate the C60 Fullerene from the Carbon Gas via specially custom built equipment, that can dial in the specific structure we want to generate from the Carbon Gas. This does not require mixing with the toxic Toluene in order to Isolate the C60 Fullerene Molecule in a Powder Form, but it generates the Single Molecule C60 Fullerene Powder. Then this powder is mixed under the strict guidelines of no light exposure with our choice of bio activated Organic Oils, plus enhanced and permanently bonded with the Molecular Hydrogen, H2 and the natural Telomere Lengthening Enzymes for further and unique benefits.
  • Important to note of other methods used: The chemical methods that utilize the steps of generating the soot via the graphite rods under high temperatures in a Fullerene Generator can generate other kinds of unwanted Fullerenes along with the amorphous and is then mixed with toxic solvent Toluene in order to isolate the C60 Fullerene through the lengthy process of chromatography; and then if used for biological experimental application, rather then for the industrial uses the solvent has to be purified by having to Double Vacuum Oven Bake and Sublime in order to get rid of its residues, which truly can not be fully and 100% done, because, even when “undetectable” by the measuring equipment it is fair to say that the equipment’s ability to not detect the lowest trace levels does not mean that it is still not there in its minimum level residues. This latter system is the one that generates the Purple Color in the Oil. Please do not misunderstand us, because that method is still acceptable for some people, but it is not to the purity standards of the YES! Team.
  • Therefore the Color of our H2 C60 OMEGA 3 Oil is not Purple, since it was never mixed with the toxic solvent Toluene, but it is very deep dark green, because this is how our 100% Solvent Free Carbon C60 Powder (which is black in color in its purest form) reacts with the two OMEGA 3 Rich Oils: Camelina and Pumpkin Seed Oil that we mix, and plus since it goes through the further process of mixing with 100% natural Telomere Lengthening Enzymes, Bio Activating via ARP Tech and permanent binding with the Molecular Hydrogen, H2 via special permanent bonding process.
  • It has been Bio Activated for higher cellular efficacy via the ‘YES Teams’ dedication of a natural Proprietary method, keeping it REAL.
  • The Highest Isolation Form of 99.99%+ – Meaning its highest purity of Carbon.
  • 100% Toluene Free – A Chemical that is used in many petroleum based products, paint thinners, beauty products, etc.
  • Double the amount of mg’s per gram of weight (2mg per gram)
  • Harmonized via The ARP Technology process used to address Emotional Balance and the Bio Activation enhances it’s voltage for better intra and inter cellular communication.
  • Enhanced with Patented Telomere Lengthening Enzymes from the Astragalus Root to further cell regeneration.
  • Crucial Daily Protection from  EMF’s.

Where your health is concerned, if you are serious on a commitment of everlasting health, the YES! H2  C60 Oil Omega 3 is a winner AND a Must!

‘Our Partner of Life’ the ‘YES! Team‘ have spent many years of R&D in the field of Supreme Health and has dedicated much Labor of Love to commit to you with products that will be of Eternal benefit, in many ways that you would be unaware of.

This YES! H2 C60 Oil Omega 3 is about your transformation and commitment to deep cellular detoxing, and free radical neutralization for long lasting vitality, youthfulness and a understanding what it means to have real Health and Joy.

When C60 Oil is bound with Molecular Hydrogen Gas, it has been concluded that it is so much more conductive and therefore effective.  Reaching a state of emotional homeostasis and a freeing up of unneeded and unnecessary states of emotional turmoil can impede what is our birthright for freedom of Real Health, be it emotional, physical or spiritual.

C60 Oil has a great tendency to bind to Hydrogen and your body naturally produces Hydrogen from the Probiotic flora in your gut.  So you see why YES! H2 C60 Oil Omega 3 is so much more effective for your well-being. It has the ability to expand and go deep into the cells.

This is the reason the unique ARP Technology method and H2 Gas has been used together with this YES! H2 C60 Oil.

Advanced Resonance Plasma Technology is a unique Proprietary method that the ‘YES! Lab Team’ uses for its ability to raise the Vibratory Action of the cellular oscillation in your Physical and Light Body, making it more active, thus Bio Activation!

Our Purpose is to raise you into higher frequencies where you can absorb so much more easily these products that have been created to assist you in your journey to Light and an understanding of what your Higher Self wants you to be, Perfection!


Some of the main causes of stresses to the body, i.e aging, dis-ease can be caused by the ‘free radicals’ that are present in toxins in our environment, food, pathogens, electromagnetic pollution, emotional stress, etc.  It is imperative that we address our well-being to our Highest Potential of incorporating to the best of our ability, clean water, organic wholefoods, nutritional supplements, (a lot of our food is devoid of Nutrient Dense essential minerals and vitamins) which BTW we carry the ARP Tech Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Essential Minerals to assist your body with what should be readily available in your food.

So as well as having a positive deep cellular detox effect, the H2 C60 Oil is allowing your body to better absorb the nourishing wholefoods, nutrients from the environment (our oxygen), clean water and the Lifeforce from the Light Substance that surrounds all life forms, which is always present, and flowing through us.

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How we use the YES! H2 C60 Oil Omega 3:

We make no strict recommendations, but perhaps 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 teaspoon in the afternoon. (It can be taken in the evening but can have the effect of keeping one alert (I know that is my experience!))

While stated in the beginning, taking the H2 C60 Oil is a commitment to Health and Wellbeing-ness. We would suggest that it may takes 2-3 months for noticeable effects and balance of the body, depending on your present state of Health. If you feel you are already of good health, then maybe only 1 teaspoon is needed.

You may discover the term ‘Healing Crisis’ arise depending on your current Health status.  A ‘Healing Crisis’ should be looked on as a positive note, although can sometimes be viewed as an unpleasant journey as it is the body’s natural way of eliminating manifested toxins (referred to as the ”Herxheimer Reaction”).  We encourage you to continue with the YES! H2 C60 Oil as the whole purpose is to eliminate the toxins in your body and bring you into homeostasis. If you are taking 2 teaspoons and you feel the need, you could reduce the dose to 1 teaspoon daily.

The YES! H2 C60 Oil Omega 3 has been created for permanent Health along with their other products to assist you with much increased cellular vibrancy and the YES team know each individual is unique and has done the extensive research, so they know of its effectiveness if you will commit to it on a daily basis.

For some who have chronic conditions, it may be suggested that 3 teaspoons daily for a suggested time frame of 3 months, then once homeostasis is achieved, a maintenance dose of 1 teaspoon can be taken in the morning.


  • Comes in s UV Protective Glass Bottle.
  • Daily Dosage: Our research suggests – Therapeutic – 1 –  2 tspns daily depending on Health Status – Maintenance Dose – 1/2 tsp daily.
  • Each bottle contains 47 serves
  • Contains 2mg per gram of the Purest C60 99.99%+ Isolate per each gram.
  • Please check out other C60 Oil brands to make sure they are up to this % value of  per mg of each gram, it makes the world of difference!
  • Permanently bonded with H2, Hydrogen Medicinal Gas via the YES! Teams Proprietary Methods they have developed for your Highest Potential.
  • Bio Activated (meaning is carries extra Electronic Force making it more effective).

This History of C60 Oil has been studied in particular by Scientist Harry Kroto who discovered that the use of C60 Oil prolonged the life span of rats by over 90% at 0.8mg per each gram of oil, with absolutely nil toxicity.

The YES! H2 C60 Oil has double the amount per each gram and the added benefit of H2, Hydrogen Gas, Telomere Lengthening Enzymes and 100% Solvent free. We are very excited about that!

Questions you may have?

  • When it comes to using C60 Fullerene to mix with the Oil, it is truly not the Oil that matters, although each Oil adds its own benefits, and the C60 Fullerene actually enhances the benefits of any good oil, but it also only acts as a carrier to the C60 Fullerene and the C60 Fullerene itself is the key to its own mechanism, not just the Oil. Most people get confused about this and make up all kinds of statements that are not factual.

Since even the best 100% Certified Organic Olive Oils we tested on the market were still showing to have a high oxidative potential (which in many cases is very hard to detect even in taste and takes special equipment to measure), and we are not talking about oil’s high temperature sensitivities and its ability to alter it here, but about the oxidative potential, so even though we acknowledge the good components in Olive Oil, it truly does not matter in this case if Olive Oil is used or not, so in this case we have chosen the Omega 3 rich Camelina and Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Camelina and Pumpkin Seed Oil Mix is very rich in OMEGA 3 and Vitamin E, and the Camelina is regarded as much more medicinal then Flax Oil, which is normally used for its Omega 3 rich benefits. It is much more stable then Flax Oil, and it does not need refrigeration, yet offers more unique health benefits, and we believe possibly more then Flax Oil.

The Pumpkin Seed Oil is great for its anti parasitical properties and so much more.

  •  Who can Use the YES! H2 C60 Oil? due to some confusion about C60 Fullerene and its true function, Carbon 60 has been well researched for over 3 decades and it’s safety and ability to eliminate toxins, extend life span. We are indeed very privileged to have the YES! Team’s knowledge and to use the YES! H2 C60 Oil for experimental use. No Health claims are made, but from the amazing results they and others are experiencing, we are VERY encouraged.
  • Animals and humans of all ages can benefit from YES! H2 C60 Oil.
    • It’s ability to neutralize free radicals caused by environmental pollutants, toxins, such as chemicals, pesticides, viruses, bad bacteria, etc
    • Deliver more nutrients, especially in combination with the Molecular Hydrogen and to uplift the conductivity of the neurological pathways is imperative in one recovery.
    • There is zero toxicity in the H2 C60 Oil and actually helps to lower any toxic load one  may be carrying.
  • How does the YES! Teams H2 C60 Oil Compare?  After many years of research and testing, it was found that because of the YES! Teams’ knowledge and ability to incorporate three methodologies,  Advanced Resonance Plasma Technology that is their own proprietary method and working with the biological mechanics of the body’s natural infinity of Carbon to be drawn to Hydrogen that we produce naturally in our gut flora, it has been extremely pleasing to find results that the Antioxidant Potential is substantially increased.
  • What Can I Expect with trialing the YES! H2 C60 Oil? After homeostasis has been achieved (of even earlier)
    • Deeper sleeps and less sleep needed.
    • Waking up energized.
    • More energy throughout the day.
    • Athletic Performance and endurance improved.
    • Better digestion. If bloating had been experienced, this was reduced.
    • Because of homeostasis being achieved, anxiety had been reduced.

** NOTE: Some subjects with chronic Candida imbalance and heavier Pathogenic load in their gut have experienced some discomfort due the the YES! H2 C60 Oils ability to cause a quick die off of bad bacteria and mold.

It has been suggested to trial it with the Bio Activated Optimum Strength Probiotic Formula.  This may alleviate initial sensitivity and will increase the good bacteria for much  needed optimum gut health and overall wellness.

How can you Increase the benefit of using YES! H2 C60 Oil? As Carbon has a natural affinity to bond with Hydrogen, increasing the benefits of YES! H2 C60 Oil it is suggested that you may like to combine with other H2 Modalities offered to expediate and powerfully amplify efficacy.

The YES! H2 C60 Oil has a certain percentage of Hydrogen permanently bonded to it because of so many benefits. If you combine Hydrogenated water or gas to the YES! H2 C60 Oil it can have even more effective results.  It is imperative as part of a good health regime to keep well hydrated and what better than having your clean water infused with Hydrogen for even more health benefits.  Please consider this, we did!

The H2 Water Generator (Portable)  is something we use everyday!

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Care Requirements:

Keep your oil in a cool room and KEEP AWAY FROM DIRECT SUNLIGHT FOR OPTIMUM PRESERVATION, refrigeration is not needed.

Made in the USA.

**NOTE: The YES! Team take great care on what they offer you for your health and well-being. These products are unsurpassed in anyway for the research done and care taken to provide you with a top premium product. The processes are timely, and we are okay with that, as we know this is not a mass produced product and is created with high integrity that is of huge importance to your health, physically, emotionally and spiritually and the investment you make IS WORTH IT!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease. Intended for research and educational use only.
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