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C60 Patented Champion Water Solution CONCENTRATE is a patented solution that has been uniquely created with particular attention to detail to provide you with a time tested study of two decades ensuring effectiveness taken with commitment.

The C60 Patented Champion Water Solution has a ‘self selective consciousness’ which means it will go in and ‘self’ neutralize free radicals that cause dis-ease from emotional unbalance, environment pollutants, lifestyle stress, aging.  It can rejuvenate and strengthen in the most efficent way. Assisting your organs, cells and systems of organs to bring about homeostatis. It can also enhance all nutrients you intake.

How it may benefit you!

  • Brain Health.
  • Memory restoration.
  • Nervous system support.
  • Top Andioxidant
  • Longevity.
  • Vitality and Endurance.
  • Top Adaptongenic (helps the organism to adapt to various stresses).
  • Cell Protection from toxic chemical exposure and ionized radiation.
  • Cell restoration and rejuvenation.
  • Skin, eyes celluar health.

Oxidative Stress

As a rule, various pathological processes and adverse stress impacts do increase the level of free radicals in the organism. The ischemic cardiac disease, atherosclerosis, oncological diseases, hypertension and many other diseases occur because of an oxidative stress.

An oxidative stress takes away several decades of life from an individual. It is considered as one of the main factors of aging.

In normal circumstances, which can only be maintained under the controlled environment in a Lab at this point of humanity’s history, ones own antioxidant system should maintain a physiologically expedient level of free radicals, however it is noted that most of populations health systems are under various stressors, and therefore noted to fail in their optimum efficiency. For an instance, ionising radiation during radiolysis of body’s inner waters results in an avalanche of free radicals, as well as the chronic toxic chemical and heavy metal exposure. The latter are found in many aspects of food chain, in the environment in air, water and soils. In this case, with bioaccumulation of toxins, body fails to cope on its own with the overwhelming oxidative stress. This causes damage to cellular structures and development of many chronic and acute diseases. Antioxidants are used for reducing the oxidative stress levels. The action of the most known antioxidants is based on that one antioxidant molecule neutralises one free radical. In so doing, determining the optimal antioxidant dose is a challenging task. A big dose will reduce the level of free radicals to an inadmissible one and the body will attempt to neutralise the antioxidant. Should there be a lack of an antioxidant, the body will fail to cope with its task.

When determining the antioxidant dose, one should account for the body’s own antioxidant state, it being hard to take into account the incidental adverse effects and the environmental stressors and their bioaccumulation levels.

With the YES Patented Bio Activated C60 Water Solution, everything is much easier!

Water with these soluble carbon molecules, it is a universal antioxidant, which demonstrates reasonable activity by independently controlling the number of free radicals. A spherical water cluster provides conditions for approach of free radicals. When two free radicals meet, they neutralise each other to form a neutral compound.

The antioxidant effect of the YES Patented Champion C60 Water Solution increases with an increasing number of free radicals. This is the reason why a spectrum of protective properties of our C60 Water Solution exists.

The antioxidant effect of the water solution decreases with a decrease in the number of free radicals to a normal level. In so doing, the level of free radicals does not drop lower than that required for the normal functioning of the body. This phenomena is called “self selective consciousness”, which is something that we also observe in H2 Water, yet the YES C60 WS has even stronger impact in certain cellular pathways, and it is capable of coalescing with H2 in order to enhance its functions. This is why we always mix our patented C60 WS Concentrate with the YES H2 Health Fountain.

Now, add to this the positive effects of the YES Advanced Resonant Plasma Bio Activation effect of theH2 Water which is made more effective through our proprietary technology and you have the best scenario for your bodily system.

In contrast to typical antioxidants, which are spent on neutralizing free radicals and function until they are depleted, there is nothing spent in the YES patented C60 Water Solution. After its daily intake, the protective action can be preserved for several weeks, however due to the fact that the body is under multiple and constant pressures from the environmental toxins, like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. (even when you are committed to eating the purest foods), EMF’s, ELF’s, heavy metals in food, air, water, and even the ionizing radiation, we personally take the YES Patented C60 WS daily for helping our bodies cope with and stay ahead of all the stressors.

These stressors cause constant energetic friction from without and within the body. Even ones own thoughts and feelings which are non harmonious and if stressful can cause energetic friction within the body, causing stress and tension, which in turn causes free radical formation and oxidative stress. If by any reason, be it bad quality food, alcohol, smoking, electromagnetic radiation of household appliances, X-ray examination, a solar burst, an airplane flight, an accident at a nuclear power plant, inner and outer tension and stress, plus many other factors, an oxidative stress will occur and the YES Patented Champion C60 WS will cope with these factors independently and automaticallyThe antioxidant activity of the YES Patented Champion C60 WS exceeds by over 100 to 1,000 times that of any typical antioxidants, like vitamins Е and С, and all natural carotenoids and flavonoids.

This is not to say that these nutrients are not necessary when using the YES Patented Champion C60 WS, because they have other crucial functions in the body, so please do not stop using them, but it is to demonstrate the antioxidant angle of this particular function. In fact the YES Patented C60 WS will enhance their effectiveness greatly, as it has the ability to act as a catalyst to all nutrients.

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As well as taking the C60WS  internally you can also have it radiating around you with our ‘Vessel of Light’ Wearable Lifeforce Tonics


As to the effectiveness, the YES Patented Champion C60 WS has demonstrated to cross the BBB and acts to regenerate the memory pathways in the examined test subjects.  

C60 WS not only protects the body from adverse effects, it has a positive effect on all the inner waters of the body. A human body is built up of trillions of specialised cells. Each cell is an intricate system, which can be compared to an automatic plant. The cell is bounded with a lipid membrane and filled with cytoplasm. Cytoplasm unites all cellular structures and ensures metabolism. The basic substance of cytoplasm is water.

All processes in the body occur in an aqueous medium. Water envelopes each biomolecule and cell with a very thin layer. Upon birth, our body consists of 86% of water. During our lifetime, the water content steadily falls, and in old age it can drop to 55%.

Lack of proper water disturbs the processes that ensure proper functioning of an organism. While the body copes with this by using its inner reserves we feel ourselves healthy. However, with time metabolism is disturbed, slows down and dis-eases, and aging occurs.

Contact of spherical water clusters with the surface of cellular membranes restores the structure of aqueous shells specific to normal and healthy cells. Such renewal increases the resistance of cellular membranes to adverse effects, improves transmembrane transport processes and restores normal energy supply processes in the cells.

How does this effect the condition of the body? For instance, this ensures protection from viral infections. The aqueous shell of viruses differs from that of a healthy cell in the body. Renewal of aqueous shells of cells hinders the penetration of viruses. Viruses cannot replicate outside a cell, thus allowing us to be healthy.

The antitumor effect of the YES Patented Champion C60 WS follows a similar pattern. As with viruses, the aqueous shell of tumour cells differs dramatically from that of a healthy body cell. Renewal of the aqueous shells of cells hinders the emergence of neoplasia, and if they have emerged, it inhibits their growth.

Cells are the “building blocks” of our body. Renewal and proper functioning of their aqueous shells makes for the very favorable consequences for the body as a whole.

Protection and renewal at the cellular level results in protection, renewal and rejuvenation of the entire human body.


1. If we take this form of water soluble C60 do we still need to take the H2 C60 in your Omega 3 Oil?

These two formulations, although both contain C60 Molecule, act in their own completely unique pathways throughout the body, due to that fact that our patented C60 WS and our non soluble single C60 Molecule within OMEGA 3 Oil carrier are still unique in their function. In order to cover the entire bodily spectrum of aqueous and lipid nature, we personally use both and will continue using both for their unique benefits.

2. How does it remove free radicals?

Patented C60 WS works to eliminate the free radicals in a “self selective way”, which means that it will never eliminate the amount of necessary free radicals in order for the body to function normally. It will remove the excess free radicals which cause oxidative stress and keep your body in a homeostasis of an ideal balance. Since everyone is under a constant stress from environmental and metabolic toxins the consistent use of our Patented C60 WS will ensure that your body stays in balance and free from free radicals oxidative burden. Our Patented C60 WS is the top free radical neutralizer, even more powerful then H2 Water, which is the only water one should drink. We combine our Patented C60 WS Concentrate into our H2 Water after its generation in order to enhance it even further.

3. What is the color of the Patented Champion C60 WS CONCENTRATE?

The YES! Patented C60 WS CONCENTRATE is made of their Patented Supreme Concentrate of Hydrated C60 WS, whose color is golden-brownish, however the Concentrate is very light transparent to slight tint of gold in its color, and it will make the finished C60 WS once mixed with 1000 ml a colorless solution just like water.

4. How do I use it?

We use it either diluted, or in its concentrated form.

It can be take as a Therapeutic or Maintenance dosage of diluted form daily, depending upon personal preferences and bodily needs.

Full instruction are accompanied with Purchase.

5. There are many concerns regarding water soluble C60. Many people say, that they may damage the kidneys. Do you have any feedback on this? Have there ever been any bad side effects?

These are all legitimate concerns, since there are a lot of unsafe water soluble C60 formulas that are being made through unsafe processes that can damage kidneys. This is why the YES! team’s work has been patented and tested for safety for many decades.

Please be aware of imitation products since the YES Lab is the only source for the time tested formulas. More in depth info will be available in thier future book.



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