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A Parasitic yeast/fungus, a bit like the Cordyceps where it encounters a host, invades the host and proliferates its fruiting body into the host. Tremella is different in appearance to many other fungus and has been given many names due to the appearance. ‘Snow Fungus’, ‘White Jelly Leaf’.

 It prefers the warmer climates and mainly grows in the tropics.

Tremella is loaded with powerful antioxidants, such as rich polysaccharides and beta-glucans which act as immune regulators and assists the body’s defence mechanisms.

With Tremellas abundance of antioxidant is can support our nervous system as it seems to have demonstrated neuroprotective effects.

Tremella has a great line up of nutrition:

  • Protein /amino Acids   – Muscle and hormone, bone builders
  • Vitamins and Minerals – essential for metabolic function. (Everything!)
  • Beta-Glucans and Polysaccharides   – Essential sugars, the good guys!
  • Phenols and Polyphenols – Natures chemical compounds for the bad guys!!!
  • Alkaloids – Plant compounds, molecules such as nitrogen and carbon are alkaloids which as essential to our wellbeing.  Alkaloids are made from all living things, mainly plant alkaloids are used for the manufacture of astringents, pain relief etc.
  • Vitamin D – Your sunshine!!!

Other medicinal Benefits of Tremella is the ability to give ‘Qi’ (Lifeforce Energy) to the body.

Great for the Lungs:  For chronic and acute conditions.

Liver:  Strengthen and detoxifying.

Ancient China used it Tremella for beauty!  Tremella has a high potential to retain moisture and hydrate, with beneficial hydrating properties is easy to see why it has been used for beauty products, for a glowing complexion and the ability to go deep into the tissues. 

Some of the wonderful substances that Tremella contains

Ceramides: your skins protective barrier.

Omega Fatty Acids: Perfect for the skin to repair and regenerate!

Resveratrol:  A potent antioxidant and age assisting.

As with the other mushrooms in the Potent Immunity Mushroom Mix, Tremella is grown with the JUNCAO method in the USA using organic grasses and herbs as its building substrate. We love that along with all the other powerful mushrooms that Tremella is one of them in the powerful mix!!!

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  • […] Tremella –  Hydrating, a potent antioxidant and is well used for beautifying the skin.  Tremella with its abundance of antioxidants can assist the removal in the superoxide dismutase a damaging free radical scavenger!  Considered one of the top beauty and longevity Super-foods.  Tremella was once only reserved for royalty in ancient times due to it being highly valued and being affordable only to the rich. Tremella belongs to the jelly fungus family and has other names such as: ‘snow fungus’ and the ‘beauty mushroom’. It is gelatinous in appearance giving it the jelly appearance.  The nutritional benefits are it’s richness in Vitamin D, protein, minerals antioxidants and fibers.  It has been used as a potent chi (qi) tonic and can nourish the Kidneys, lungs, heart, brain and a great immunity booster.  Regulating blood sugar levels, helping with chest congestion, asthma and many other ailments.  Tremella is also used in many tonics for beauty as it has many nourishing effects in the skin, brightening the skin, hydrating and anti-aging. More information on this beauty here! […]

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