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Soothing Grass Crystals are here to Soothe your Nerves and Nourish your Life Force!

Soothing Grass  Crystals are very different from a fresh squeezed Grass Juice. We utilize a specialized natural and patented method to allow the formation and multiplication of the water soluble crystals that capture the inner Essence of Grasses and their Life Force. The end result is amazing in its own benefits.

Soothing Grass Crystals are a unique crystalline powdered form of a special patented and natural method of extracting the Life Force Energy stored within the Grasses in its symbiotic relationship with the Earth’s Energy and the Energy from our Sun, which simultaneously preserves the essential life giving enzymes and nutrients.

All living plants have this Life Force Essence within them, but the grasses, and in particularly Barley and Wheat have demonstrated the highest in its expression and which can be captured via specialized method into tiny crystals. This crystalline Essence is a substance that is very soothing specifically to the emotional and mental states of being, which is so needed for all mankind. It is calming and comforting while it gives the balanced and sustained energy, yet still very helpful in promoting a sound and refreshing sleep.

It is a feeling of being nourished by life giving Mother Earth and glorious Sun Rays in a spoonful!

The YES team are amazing and have created this special health gem specifically to nourish the nervous system and promote more peaceful state of being on physical, mental and emotional levels, which we feel is crucial for the advancement of mankind.

This was achieved via patented natural method in combination with ARP Tech that focuses on crystallizing the Essence of the bio activated Wheat and Barley Grass Juice and their inner Life Force. This Essence is normally lost through a traditional processing and drying process of the regular grass juices. The specialized Crystallization process enables the capturing of this bio synthesized Life Force Energy into the 100% water soluble “crystal powder” form that easily dissolves in water and tastes delicious!

This crystalline form is very rich in minerals, vitamins and trace nutrients, but most importantly it exhibits the very comforting and soothing health effects on ones emotions and this is its primal focus.

One to two teaspoons a day is really all is needed, unless of course you feel that you need more initially for rebalancing and extra health support. It is very easy on a digestive system and isotonic capable, which makes it readily assimilable and cellularly available.

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Made from Barley and Wheat Grasses. Both grasses are grown to top purity standards, beyond organic, without the use of any animal fertilizers and any pesticides.

The result is a very pleasant tasting and naturally semi sweet (without any sugars), enzyme rich and absolutely delightful Grass Crystals that mix well in water, juice, smoothies, in cereals, chocolates, drinks, lattes, and so much more; and have demonstrated multiple physical, mental and emotional benefits:

  • Very soothing to the nervous system.*
  • Enhances daily energy.*
  • Nourishing to the kidneys, liver, lungs.*
  • Nourishing to the blood and bones.*
  • Excellent for skin’s health and beauty.*
  • Enhancing to the stamina and endurance.*
  • Promotes well being in mental and emotional body.*
  • Promotes restful and good night sleep.*
  • Supports youthful body feeling and longevity.*
  • Refreshing.*

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (5 grams)

Servings per Container: 109

Uses: Add it to your water, juice, plant based milks and yogurts, into elixirs, warm soups, dressings, lattes, or sprinkle on your salad for extra nutrients and Soothing and Comforting Life Force Energy.

It is really delicious in plant based milks and it enhances their Life Force, nutrition and taste many folds.

Here is a beautiful Berry Smoothie recipe I created.

Ingredients: Wheat Grass, Barley Grass life force essence in a crystalized form.

Other ingredients: None.

Free of: Gluten, all Animal Products, GMO’s, Pesticides, BSE, Sugar, Sodium, Preservatives, Artificial Chemicals, Corn, Soy, Yeast, Nuts, Wheat and Lactose. 

Please note: Grass is naturally Gluten Free. It is the seed, not the grass that contains Gluten.

It  also included this as an ingredient in My Peak Performcance Cacao Paste as well and if you have not started benefiting from that amazing gem daily, it is time to give it a go

100% Natural and  grown without pesticides and artificial chemicals.

You will love it!!



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