ViBERi Organic Freeze Dried Blackcurrants


120gm Pouch

NZ Organic Blackcurrant Berries



ViBERi freeze dried organic blackcurrants are bursting with goodness and are a natural source of Vitamin C and anthocyanins. These crispy and delightful berries retain their shape, colour and nutritional values through an innovative freeze drying process. No sugars, sweeteners or preservatives are used — just simple blackcurrants grown and sold by the farmer!

Add them to your cereals and muesli, to yoghurt, smoothies or salads. Also great for baking, in hot drinks or as garnish to give added flavour and colour. A great snack on their own for lunchboxes or in trail mixes.

No preservatives or additives, just the pure goodness of 100% organic blackcurrants.

  • No added sugar
  • NZ-grown
  • Vegan
  • No preservatives

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