Vessel of Light – Energise Tube Gold


Complete with 18” (46cm ) necklace.


For shipping OUTSIDE of NZ, we ship WITHOUT the necklace (and adjust price accordingly) NZ Post Regulations treat the necklace as a restricted item and charge almost three times to send. Please contact us direct for pricing



  • CH3 GANS/GANS Water – Natures Energy.
  • Golden Ray Liquid Light – A Whole body support system on its own.  We take this internally daily as extra protection and wouldn’t be without it.

GANS = Gas in Nano State. Is the individual atomic structure of an element in a gas in a matter state, but in ‘nano’ form, you can liken it to millions of microscopic suns.  It is the least dense of of ‘matter’ behind liquid, solid and Gas.

GANS WATER = Nano particles i.e atoms, molecules suspended in water of an element.

Your body is an intelligent self-healing. self-selective mechanism and will take on what it needs. As YOU are one with the Universe and the Universe is a wonderful BREW of Magnetic and Gravitational ‘fields.’ These fields can be harnessed in various ways.

This Vessel of Light we created with the intention of assisting your body to re-balance and re-store.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of Nano Suns of Light are in this Vessel to promote energy, peace, harmony, wellbeing along with the Lifeforce of Golden Ray Liquid Light is a must to add in your ‘Energise’ Vessel of Light.

We use the Golden Ray Liquid Light daily for our own supreme Lifeforce, emf protection and much more. Available online for your great health.

For more information on Plasma Science we are adding more and more as time permits.

Read here for a basic overview

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Weight .5 kg

1 review for Vessel of Light – Energise Tube Gold

  1. Lifeforce Foodie

    Received from this wonderful feedback.

    I made this Vessel of Light specifically at my customers request.
    As follows:

    ”The training is always intense and emotional plus this time I was away from home, and while I’m pretty tired from it and needed some down time and peaceful sleep.
    I wasnt’ completely wiped out like I usually would be. I think I would usually have experienced migraines and intense nausea and other depleted symptoms, but I didn’t this time. I reckon it’s due to the Vessel of Light, since I haven’t done anything else different recently.”
    Name Witheld.

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