Lifeforce Carbon Halo



Carbon GANS water and GANS particles for extra strength.

AND Golden Ray Liquid Light.


Our Lifeforce Carbon (C02) Halo is a fundamental support for all your plants, trees and environment.

These Lifeforce Tree Halos are simply placed in your fruit trees, with a few feet distance from each other, around your vegetable gardens, flower gardens etc.

By placing these Lifeforce Tree Halos around your environment the Carbon GANS solution and GANS particles work with the unseen Magnetic and Gravitational Fields in the atmosphere to draw into the plant what they need to create an environment of health and wellbeing of the plant.

GANS – (Gas in Nano Solid State)

Our Lifeforce Carbon (C02) Halo works well with the Lifeforce Zinc (Zn0) Tree Halo as the Carbon acts as a communicator and gravtitator to the other GANS.

In addition to the Carbon Halo we have added Golden Ray Liquid Light.

We felt it is an important asset to our Halos as the energy from what is contained with the Golden Ray Liquid Light will amplify the environment it surrounds substantially from the ingredients from the Golden Ray Liquid Light which we take ourselves daily and wouldn’t be without it for our immunity building, emf protection and so much more. It was a given that we add it to our Lifeforce Halo’s for the benefit of Nature as well.

Please read more here to understand more about GANS and Plasma Fields

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Weight .5 kg


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