Lifeforce At Work!

$78.00 $52.50

Prep Your body for 2018 and FEEL the difference at your workplace!

A One off Offer for NEW customers only.

4 x 750ml tonics (4 weeks worth) and receive 2 x 330ml tonics FREE for 2 of your work colleagues!

That $78 Value of Lifeforce!

Find out more below….



Take our potent Lifeforce Tonics a daily basis at your workplace and bring a positive change to your overall wellness.

1.   Increased energy levels. (better work performance)

2.  Assists your body to build up the immune system. (less time off work)

3. Help with gut health.  (Our tonics are Prebiotic -feeds those good critters inside!)

4. An added boost of nutrient dense ingredients. ( see No 1 & 2!)

5. We recommended a minimum 100ml shot a day.  (1/4 cup approx – more if you want, it’s all raw and organic!)

How it works:

  • This promotion is a one off for NEW customers only (in NZ).
  • Our ‘Lifeforce At Work’ Promotion will be delivered to your workplace.
  • For $52.50 (+ shipping) you will receive 4 x 750ml of all the flavours  (or you can choose) AND

Let us know the names and email address (in the notes section) of two of your work colleagues (same delivery address) so we can let them know you have chosen them for a FREE 330ml tonic of Lifeforce for them too! (we don’t share email addresses).

That’s  $78 value of tonics!

** Please note, if you have a work colleague that would also like to have this ‘Lifeforce At Work’ Promotion for him/herself and works at the same delivery address, we can split the delivery costs!

That’s it!     Love Your Body and set your self up for abundant Lifeforce At Work (and home)!



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