Prebiotic Lifeforce Tonics

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Prebiotic Lifeforce Tonics

Bring on the Fibre!

Our Luminous Lifeforce Tonics ‘Granite’ are Prebiotic!  As well as being raw, organic and packed with a varied range of nutrient dense superfoods for luminous health, Granite Tonics are ‘Prebiotic’, which assist with gut health for added immunity.


Apples !      Apples!   Apples! A sweet, crunchy, delicious prebiotic food nature offers you that has an abundance of vitamins and minerals.  Apples contains pectin, which is a form of soluble fibre.  Pectin draws water from the digestive tract and produces a gel like substance.  This gel can assist with digestion by slowing down the digestive process.

We have bacteria everywhere in our bodies and the good bacteria we need is in our gut, in the upper intestine and lower intestine.

  • Probiotics that we take externally usually go to the upper intestine, such as sauerkraut, fermented yogurts, miso, kefir beverages.  Fermented foods of these types provide you with many strains of good bacteria, the most two common being lactobacillus and/or bifidobacterium. Probiotics are acid (and heat) sensitive, so it might be helpful to keep in mind that your own stomach acids can destroy some of the probiotics in your gut, so it makes sense to add more raw, organic (if possible) fermented foods.  
  • A Prebiotic is “a selectively fermented ingredient that allows specific changes, bothin the composition and/or activity in the gastrointestinal microflora that confers benefits upon host well-being and health.” Prebiotics are insoluble and work their way down to the  lower intestine (colon) to feed on the friendly bacteria already present.


Locally Sourced in New Zealand!

We  source Raw, Organic, Apple Cider Vinegar for our Luminous tonics from the South Island.  Apples are one of Natures most perfectly packed power foods. Fermentation of apples turns to Apple Cider Vinegar, when done properly, apple cider vinegar should be a brownish colour and have what’s called the ‘Mother’ in the Vinegar.  This ‘Mother’ packed full of gut loving enzymes that will serve you in a multitude of ways:

  • Loaded with Potassium and minerals.

  • Assists with cleansing and purifying the body.

  • Helps with sore throats.

  • Sunburn

  • Arthritis and joints

  • Skin Problems

  • So much more…

We created our Luminous Lifeforce Tonics to give you a powerful way of creating more health and energy for your day.  We love they have been so beneficial for so many and the flavours are to live for!




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