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Pine is appearing to be a most potent weapon to the spike protein, parasite blasters, inflammation, pain and respiratory infection and much more.

Suramin and Shikimic Acid are of high interest in found Pine, Spruce and Conifer for possible assisting in various health challenges.

Suramin is showing to have anticoagulation properties and protection against modification of RNA and DNA.

  • (RNA acts as a messenger carrying instruction to the DNA for controlling the synthesis of proteins)
  • (DNA is your unique blueprint).

Pine needles contain many other substances that support the Suramin to assist in dissipating platelet aggregation in the blood, which could prevent blood clots that lead to strokes, heart attacks and pulmonary embolism diagnosis.

From the correct Pines, conifers and spruces pine needles have been used for many years from natural healers around the globe for its beneficial properties.

Vitamin C is just one of the key components (high anti-oxidant) found in pines for the relief of respiratory conditions, infections. Vitamin C is well known for its ability to assist with scurvy, boosting the immune system in general for colds, circulation, bile health digestion and intestines, collagen production, supporting gut flora and much more than this.

Shikimic Acid found in certain pines is also the same molecule found in the Star Anise herb, which is used to assist in respiratory conditions and plagues.  Star Anise is also found in the drug Tamiflu that is highly prescribed for Flu’s, colds etc. Pine is appearing to be a most potent remedy to the spike protein, parasite blasters, inflammation, pain and respiratory infection and much more. Shikimic Acid also shows well as a anti-viral, antibiotic, anticancer activity.

Dr Judy Mikovits mentions here the horrendous direct effects of the V-Serum and how Pine Teas/elixirs can be of immense benefit to the spike protein caused from the V-Serum.

This Pine Needle ELIXIR is a non-alcoholic Concentrate made from the needles of Pinus washoensis via Golden Ratio Fermentation process in order to maximize the Pine needle medicinal value and live Enzymes.
It is a thick brown colored liquid that tastes somewhat sweet, due to the natural fermentation process via special plant-based microbiome that unlocks the many complex nutrients.
It’s rich in bioflavonoids, antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenols, Vitamin C, shikimic acid, minerals and trace minerals.
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Just as a daily use for maintenance Pine Power in a wonderful health tool, either as the elixir or as a tea.
Of course Pine is found very readily around the world and one can find the correct pines to make tea, then this is certainly a good option, a few times a week.
Certainly a favoured option to pharmaceutical drugs, avoiding direct (side) effects from the pharmaceutical drugs for which they are well known.






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