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Which Minerals forms are BEST?

The YES Orotate+ Minerals come in a powdered form versus liquid form of the PIL Minerals (Plasmatic Ionic Liquid).
The Orotates are mixed with trace minerals that support the particular Mineral to its best absorption and utilization, and they are naturally bio activated with ARP tech to make them more conductive and therefore more effective, so therefore the name Orotate+ (Plus).
In Dr Mariana Light’s practice, she has seen that only these two type minerals for internal use can give the results that she is looking for in her clients for correction of many unbalances and for the proper re mineralization and proper building of the mineral reserves that act as an army, so to speak up for the body to use in it’s daily needs and in the case of addressing many different stressors (toxins, EMF’s, ELF’s, pathogens, plus mental and emotional challenges).
When the body is properly mineralized and has the proper mineral reserves it is able to correctly handle those stressors via lymphatic and immune system, via nervous system, via proper elimination system,  etc. in a much more efficient way and neutralize and detox properly daily, avoiding damages, rapid aging, infections and or developing of chronic health conditions that can only worsen in time if the body has not been properly mineralized.
Unfortunately, even our best foods are devoid in Major and Minor Minerals, and the trace nutrients necessary for our optimum health.
This is why we all must supplement, BUT in which form of Minerals to supplement is the crucial key for your success.
In Dr Mariana Light’s health research and experience of over 24 years, she has discovered that the two forms that the YES Lab offers and in their enhanced way is the most ideal approach and that is why Dr Mariana Light would not want to offer any other forms that are not ideal in their efficiency and effectiveness, since she wants only the best for herself AND her clients.
In all of Dr Mariana Light’s Health Protocols, taking superfoods that the YES Team offer like H2 Spirulina, Miracle Moringa,
Bee Pollen (Outside NZ) , Ashitaba Extract,(B12 & Group B Vitamins) etc, are all a must with so many important minerals, nutrients and phytonutrients, however one still needs to add the Minerals in both Orotate+ and the PIL (Plasmatic Ionic Liquid) form if you want the Optimum Heath and Vitality and Youth, which those nutrients are simply not found in even the best foods we can eat; including the superfoods- in the amounts needed as ideal dosages.
This is not easy for people to comprehend, because they think that they should be getting it all in all good foods and superfoods from Nature, and that is true, but, the big but is that we do not have it in even most pure and natural foods, due to where we stand with our depleted soils and therefore our produce at this time of humanity’s evolution.
Dr Mariana Light has clients who eat pristine pure and have their microbiome’s in check and take all kinds of superfoods and do absorb well, BUT when tested, they are still lacking basic major nutrients; and when on the YES Minerals they start rebuilding and healing.
Were these nutrients ever present in Nature? Of course they were, but the synthetic polluting and destroying of microbiome in soil via synthetic poison pesticides/herbicides/fungicides and the improper agricultural practices of human selfishness for more profit, yet poor quality has brought humanity to this point.
This is all correctable, and that is why everyone needs to vote with their pockets and buy Organic or beyond as we offer since we like to take further steps.
Therefore, we now need to add these important nutrients and their corrective dosages for the rebalancing of many conditions.
After testing many forms of minerals, Dr Mariana Light has settled on the two best forms for most of our minerals, our Orotates+, and our PIL (Plasmatic Ionic Liquid) Minerals for internal use.
The only exception is the Silica Mineral which in the form of Orthosilicic Acid, which is more effective than the PIL form, and the Mineral Salt Compound Organic Sulfur, which is more effective than PIL Sulfur in many similar bodily functions that they can perform.
All of these get utilized by the body completely on the internal level and the My Armor Spray (with Magnesium Chloride form, MSM, trace minerals, etc.) is the best to use for the external application and establishing of the protective resonant field to negative radiation, etc., besides the remineralization on the external level.
The Orotates+ Powder form we offer are very rebuilding and restoring in their nature and act as a building block mineral for remineralization of the most important Major Minerals.
The  Magnesium Orotate  / Calcium Orotate+ / Potassium Orotate+ are the three major minerals that most people are definitely not getting in an effective form, yet necessary for the proper bodily functions and the rebuilding and the remineralization, and the
Zinc Orotate+ which is one of the most important Immunity building trace minerals, are ALL very crucial to use to rebuild one’s bodily mineral reserves, which is very important in addressing many chronic issues, and in addressing deeper rooted causes of many diseases, as well as for the vital longevity and optimum health.
This is so crucial, since in order to have a healthy body, which is an intricate system, body needs to be properly mineralized.
The PIL’s act for the quick bodily utilization to help in many different day to day optimum health functions. They are a supplement that can be looked at as filling the void of the missing nutrients in the food, which our bodies need from day to day.
They can be used as a restorative measure, but the dosages would need are much higher in that case.
The most important for the restorative measures are the Orotate+ in the selection that we offer and the PIL’s (Plasmatic Ionic iquid) to be used as a void that food and superfoods are not fulfilling for the current needs of healing.
D Mariana Light us the Orotates+ in her Morning Shot daily. If I miss the Morning Shot for the day, they are surely going into my YES! Health Smoothie Breakfast, which she hardly ever misses, but if she does  happen to miss it on some days, then those definitely go into her YES! Health Drink, which is my Mineral Drink that I never miss.
These Protocols are available for those that want to learn about them here:
Utilize these minerals on a daily basis.
The PIL’s are always in Dr Mariana Light’s YES! Health Drink  combined with the Organic Sulfur and the Silica, and all made to taste delicious, the Orotates+ in her smoothies, if she misses the YES! Health Morning Shot.
So you can see how these are a part of Health Life style and Protocol for an ideal mineralization approach, because here at YES Lab they do only offer the most tested and most important nutrients and compounds, but they are offered for their unique applications.
The only duplicate with the same bodily functions they offer is the Silica mineral, since some people like it as a powder, and some as a liquid, yet those two are the same form of the Orthosilicic Acid, as a best form to take Silica.
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