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Playing with the Fields of the Universe!

When we work with the ‘Matter State’ and convert it to a ‘Nano State’ then into a GANS State’ (Gas in Nano Solid State) we can access these Fields in space.  These Fields that are all around us, even though we can’t see them, are there and we can benefit from these elements for our health, our gardens, agriculture and more, so we created what we believe is Nature’s Halo for the benefit of your environment.

There are four Main GANSes that are used.

Carbon (C02)     Zinc Oxide (ZnO)   Copper Oxide (CuO)    Energy    (CH3)

GANS are exceptional asset for Your vegetable gardens, orchards, Flowers gardens, Water ways, etc.

  • Carbon is the Communicator and connector, rebalances nature, the most fundamental GANS.
  • Zinc is for the emotion of the plants and ourselves
  • Copper is for decontamination of nature, i.e cleared our pond filled with algae beautifully!  
  • CH3 is natures Energy!  Basic building block of life. Wonderful for all life including the bees!

Each element matches a Field strength and uses those fields around us in the universe for health of the environment, our gardens and ourselves. Our results so far have been outstanding!

Have a look at any leaf in nature one has a shiny side and the other a matt side. Each surface has a precise nano-coating and between them these two surfaces literally draw in C02 out of the atmosphere.  It is the coherent information fields that determine the behaviour of the nano layers in the leaf (and within the body) and create the Gravitational Fields to collect and deliver the elements required to sustain health.

The Gravitational forces in the atmosphere pull in the Carbon from the atmosphere and will select only what they need! 

Our Peaches!

Lifeforce Tree Halo’s!

We have gone a little further with our Halo’s and are also incorporating another brilliant health tool we use ourselves internally daily, (Golden Ray Liquid Light) and also because we used it around our peach trees and the results, were wonderful!



Green            C02 and C02 GANS and Golden Ray Liquid Light!

Blue               Copper water and Copper GANS

Red                CH3 Water and CH3 GANS

Yellow          Zinc Water and Zinc GANS

Bees can benefit very well with CO2, Zinc and CH3 GANS. You can add the GANs water in their drinking station. NEVER USE COPPER (Cu0) GANS CLOSE TO BEE HIVES IF YOU HAVE THEM, IT CAN MAKE THEM UNWELL.

GANS for the Health of your Body

  • C02 – Carbon is the Communicator and connector, rebalances the body, the most fundamental GANS for health, such as Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Pain and much more.
  • Zno – Zinc is for the emotion of the body,
  • CuO – Copper is a super conductor and creates connection to the muscle, nerves and works well with pain.
  • CH3 is natures Energy!  Basic building block of life.

We have also created  various Bodyguard wearables for your body’s benefit.  

  • C02:     Carbon water and Carbon GANSes
  •  Zinc:  Zinc Water and Zinc GANSes 
  • CH3: CH3 Water and CH3 GANSes – Natures Energy
  • CuO: Copper Water and Copper GANSes
  • Golden Ray Liquid Light: made with completely natural subatomic plasma of 24k gold, over 360 subatomic organic, wild crafted herbs and superfoods from custom (non-alcohol) extract, over 1000 Harmonious Health frequencies, including the resonance of the healing energy of the Golden Ray, for balancing all systemic and emotional conditions. As our body is self-selective and self- healing it will match the energy imprint of all ingredients it needs.  EMF Protective, Read more here
  • H2 Champion C60 Molecule:  We felt it necessary to add this to our wearables for your benefit, it is another health tool we take on a daily basis, it is a potent antioxidant made from a patented process ARP Technology and from a capacity to increase the light of the solar cells in your body. Read more here


In the meantime,

Here are some wonderful resources and information on Plasma Science and GANS.

If you would like to experience our Lifeforce Nature’s Halo for yourself, please get in touch.

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