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Cordyceps Militaris – A Powerhouse!  

Another wonderful edible fungus in the YES! Immunity Mushroom Mix, and so glad it is in this formulation.  Highly nutritional, therapeutic  and a prized ingredient for the Chinese and Tibetan medicine.

 Cordyceps is a parasitoids fungus, which it means uses a host to proliferate (at the hosts expense) as the host will eventually die from the Cordyceps taking over. This highly valued fungus has become very valued and costly due to harvest difficulties.

Cordyceps is indeed a valuable life enhancing fungus/herb.

Shown is this informative review (link below) we can see why it is very valued:

  • Potential Anti-Tumour and Cancer assistance, some studies showing positive help for Lung Cancer (1)Hep-C (2) a prized medicine with the active ingredients being neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant (3) all beneficial for various cancers and tumours.
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  • Shown to have powerful effects on regulating blood sugar levels assisting in Type 2 Diabetes by mimicking the action of insulin (4). This would alleviate and help with kidney function, which can be an associated with diabetes (5)
  • Heart health is supported by this wonderful fungus/herb by helping with lowering LDL (bad fats) (6) which can be linked to build up in the arteries of triglycerides which are a type of fat found in blood. Too much of this fat increases risk of heart dis-ease.
  • Athletic performance can be boosted significantly with Cordyceps ability to increase the ATP (energy) to the muscles and efficiently utilising the way your body utilises oxygen during physical activity, particularly those are starting out in regular training.
  • Anti-ageing!!! YAY!!! Seems the anti-oxidant and inflammation effect from cordyceps contributes to the anti-aging potential.  While this is promising, we must also look at our whole lifestyle of drinking H2 Hydrogenated water, organic foods, Plasmatic Minerals to combat for the lack minerals, trace elements and vitamins of from our soils which can be devoid of these essential elements required for optimum health and metabolic function.

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Other helpful references on cordyceps:

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