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As a part of an ongoing work in preventive medicine, The Yes science team of researchers suggests a new biofluidic approach to the inactivation of various viruses, including the COVID-19 using the aqueous Fullerene C60 (WS) Solution.


  • The antiviral activity of Champion aqueous Fullerene C60 (WS) Concentrate solution is based on the unique molecular architecture, steric configuration, antioxidant properties, and redox modulating ability.
  • The purpose of this development is to achieve the maximum and fastest inactivation of viruses in biological fluids without chemical damage and negative immunogenic activities. The result is achieved by exposing the mucous membranes to C60 (WS) Concentrate via a facial spray, nasal spray, air diffuser, and into the drinking water.

These measures are intended to become a part of the prevention and adjuvant treatment of Corona disease and are considered to be especially effective to help prevent or treat the early stages of infection.

  • The new approach is based on a biophysical understanding of immunomodulation. By influencing the passage of signals in a biofluid medium that viruses use to manipulate the body’s immune response, the proposed methods can:
  •  Inhibit the passage of the virus through the respiratory system.
  • Block viral penetration through the membrane.
  • Prevent the virus from interfering with vital cell functions.
  • Inhibit the spread of the viral inflammation in the tissues.
  • Contribute to more effective treatment of infection.**

Protective mechanisms of the mucous membranes: fast and broadly effective.

All mucous membranes of the body – both external (such as lips, mouth, nasal passages), and internal (layers of cells that cover the surface of organs throughout the body) are a key element to protect against pathogenic microorganisms. The relationship between the mucous membranes and the immune system is of great importance. Numerous studies demonstrated the immune response throughout the body’s mucous membranes.

As recently demonstrated by researchers at the Academy of Sciences in Europe, systemic immune stimulation of the internal mucous membranes can cause a reaction throughout the entire body, but an external immune response of the mucous membrane does not occur. At the same time, stimulation of the immune response of the external mucous membranes can lead to the mobilization of immune cells both in the external and internal mucous membranes. Maintaining the protective properties of the mucous membranes is the most difficult task. The immune system rests on the interaction of two major pillars: the innate, general immune system and the adaptive, specialized immune system. Although these systems operate at different levels, they use the same water-based protective environment: intercellular (tissue) fluid, blood and lymph. The formation of the protective mechanisms of the mucous membranes of the human body took place over millions of years, and their normal functioning depends on maintaining the specific biofluidic environment.

Biofluid is the key element of all mucous membranes (external and internal), which impede the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms and protect both the innate and adaptive parts of the immune system.

Biological properties of the aqueous Fullerene C60 (WS) concentrate solution: Fullerene C60 is the purest, prehistoric form of carbon with the atoms located at the vertices of its pentagons and hexagons in structures resembling soccer balls. They naturally occur in interstellar space and close to volcano craters. Although fullerene displays its outstanding biological properties exclusively in the aquatic environment, the molecule itself is highly hydrophobic. Despite all the variety of attempts to obtain water-soluble forms of fullerene, today there is only one type of C60 WS, in which an unmodified molecule is “enclosed” in a water cluster, emulating a rare natural pattern. This is the C60 WS that our team of science researchers have developed in Europe and now is exclusively available through our YES Lab, USA.


Although the data on their direct antiviral activity are insufficient, some studies have shown that C60 molecules in the aquatic environment have a high potential for the development of antiviral compounds. Antiviral activity of water-soluble fullerenes was demonstrated by a group of researchers at the University of California. They proved that fullerenes can inhibit the activity of the enzyme necessary for the reproduction of the virus and that it can make a serious contribution to the treatment of HIV infection.

The potential of fullerenes to kill the infection has been tested in vitro. This work opens the door to the development of new systems for suppressing infection by pathogens in cases where existing treatments are ineffective or absent. In the study, published in Nature Chemistry, the European research groups (Madrid, Strasbourg, Namur/ Belgium) described how a supramolecule consisting of 13 fullerenes can inhibit cell infection in the Ebola virus model by blocking the receptor associated with its expansion.

The YES science team of developers of the C60 (WS) attributes this supramolecule’s effects not to its direct participation in certain chemical reactions, but to the ability to create special aqueous structures in extracellular and intracellular biological fluids that are characteristic of a healthy state of the body. The multiplying water structures restore the structural environment of the cell membrane and, as a result, create an electromagnetic field that can regulate the level of reactive oxygen species, which normalizes the sol-gel transitions at the level of the cytoplasm and the cell nucleus – a universal condition for natural cellular defense of the immune signaling.

Restored immunomodulation is implemented at the level of the entire body. Numerous experiments in vitro and in vivo demonstrated that aqueous solutions of the C60 (WS) Concentrate manifest a wide range of biological activities. One of the most specific properties of C60 (WS) Concentrate is the ability to immediately regulate redox reactions (antioxidant effect). The spectrophotometric and bio-chemiluminescence methods have demonstrated that the C60 (WS) in concentrations 10 (-9) M stabilizes peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase and bacterial luciferase against inactivation due to prolonged incubation of the enzymes.

C60 (WS) Concentrate vs COVID-19

Studying the mechanisms of action of molecules and viruses with structural similarities opens up completely new, non-standard ways of preventing and treating a population of sick people during pandemics. The differences between all types of viruses are so significant that medications designed to suppress certain types of viruses do not work for other types. Besides, strains resistant to antiretroviral therapy are constantly appearing. Research partners of BIOCAD (the world`s full-cycle drug development company combining researchers in Europe and Eurasia) have screened over 16,000 natural compounds to find those that have blocked the virus’ entrance into human cells. C60 (WS) Concentrate was named among the most efficient. C60 (WS) Concentrate is not a medicine. The process of developing a new drug usually takes 3-5 years and costs billions of dollars. This is practically impossible in the context of today and future epidemics. Nevertheless, any therapeutic agent has a chance of being involved in therapy if it meets three conditions: non-toxicity, bioavailability and easy excretion from the body. C60 (WS) Concentrate matches any of these conditions by 99%.

A few lab studies and clinical observations have shown that C60 (WS) Concentrate can prevent foreign particles (bacteria, toxins, microbes, viruses) from entering the cell. The researchers suggest that in case the penetration has occurred, the immune system has enough time to mobilize and develop protection (antibody formation). In the case of virus penetration into the cell with its subsequent damage, the harmful radical oxygen species (ROS) are promptly neutralized due to the antioxidant properties of C60 (WS) Concentrate.

Acting as a reusable antioxidant catalyst for extracellular biofluids, C60 (WS) Concentrate can regulate the balance of free radicals, reducing the likelihood of cellular intoxication and inflammatory processes. This process has successfully initiated both antibody responses and stronger cellular immune responses.

The potential for applying this innovative strategy against the coronavirus infection includes: 1) preventing the virus from penetrating, 2) stopping its replication, and 3) preventing the development of the disease at the earliest stages, before developing life-threatening conditions.

Possible mechanisms for the antiviral action of the aqueous Fullerene C60 (WS) Concentrate solution may include: 

1. Steric blocking of virus access to the cell membrane.

2. Mobilization and activation of cellular self-defense.

3. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The protective effect of Champion C60 (WS) Concentrate performs on the surface of the cell membrane by exposure to a layer of cell-forming water (biofluid).

It is suggested that the application of C60 (WS) Concentrate in the form of a facial spray, nasal spray, air diffuser, and internally mixed into the functional drinking water can increase the effectiveness of measures for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus disease, as well as stop the spread of the virus.

The Products to use for avoidance of viral infections must be used daily in order to work.

1) Champion C60 WS Concentrate

How to use: Take 1 teaspoon in daily water and drink throughout the day.

2) Golden Radiance H2 C60 Face Spray

How to use: Spray on your face 3 or more times a day throughout the day.

3) C60 Eagle Eye Drops

How to use: Apply in your eyes daily, at least 3 times per day.

4) C60 H2 Golden Radiance Face Cream

How to use: Apply once or two times per day, morning and evening.

5). C60 WS Sinus Spray

How to Use: 2-3 times per day


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