Calcium Potential

 In Bio-Activated Minerals

I know we all associate Calcium with strong bones, and that is true, if the correct lifestyle is maintained. Certainly dairy products, like milk, cheese and yoghurt have a high marketing plug at keeping these food like products on your screen to make you feel you need dairy to get calcium.  The reality is in my opinion there is very little calcium in dairy as much is taken out for other products and higher profit elsewhere.

Certainly calcium is beneficial for:

  • Strong bones, which is also preventative maintenance for osteoporosis and osteopenia. Vitamin D is strongly recommend for bones as well.
  • Teeth Health.
  • Calcium is needed for nerve messaging to the brain and muscle for movement.
  • Assists in hormonal and enzyme activity throughout the entire body.
  • Hormonal Health.
  • Nervous system function.
  • pH Balancing – along with correct ratio’s of other minerals to keep your body pH balanced.
  • Heart support.

Suggested foods for Calcium Intake:

  • Dairy, i.e yoghurt, cheese, etc.
  • Dark greens, such as Kale, Spinach, Broccoli. (Some spinach varieties can be high on oxalic acid and binds Calcium).
  • Canned sardines and salmon. Please becareful of your source as the ocean is highly comtainated now. 
  • Breads, pasta, grains, (Calcium is added, probably extracted from the milk).
  • Soybean. If you are going to eat Soy, please us the organic miso (fermented) soy.

Unfortunately poor commercial farming practices don’t have the soils at a nutrient dense ratio enough for correct supplementation, plus herbicides, pesticides all effect the qualtiy of our foods and toxin ingestation, and now we are finding that we need to supplement more. These Major Minerals keep our bodies operating at a optimum level must be a paramount consideration.

Maintenance and preventions is Key to great health and finding pure sources of minerals to supplement is crucial. Many supplements have heavy metals, fillers, and other toxic substances our body does not need or can operate properly.

This Calcium Orotate + is 99.99% Pure and is bio-activated with the pateneted ARP Technology which combines 3 technologies of Resonance, Vibration and frequency in one to ensure the products is even more activated for better cellular absorption and longer sequencing in your body. Remember, we are electrical and energetic and respond to electrical flow, so with a correct dosage of supplements Calcium Orotate+, being more highly charged your body is receiving a much more effective effect and result.

What Is Calcium Orotate?

Calcium orotate includes a calcium molecule bonded to two molecules of orotic acid. The orotate protects the calcium from stomach acid, allowing the molecule to remain intact until it reaches the intestines. In the gut, the calcium enters the bloodstream where it can be effectively delivered where it’s most needed, such as bone and other tissues. In this form, 90 percent to 95 percent of calcium gets absorbed by the body.

Calcium Orotate has the highest bioavailability of any calcium supplement form at around 90 percent to 95 percent, compared to 20 percent to 45 percent for other forms, like calcium orotate and calcium citrate. Studies by the late Dr. Hans Nieper found that the orotate molecule effectively carries the calcium through cell membranes, allowing for the most efficient use of this essential mineral.

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Calcium absorption:

Depending on how much one takes, one’s dietary lifestyle and any medication can have a direct result on how calcium is absorbed in the body for availability.

  • Vitamin D assists with the absorption of Calcium and Magnesium.
  • Certain foods can inhibit the absoroption Calcium, such as phytic acid, found in GMO Soy. Soy needs to be fermented (Miso) to release the phytic acid.
  • Age is a factor too. Absorption of many nutrients can deminish with aging, and more attention is needed, some older, particularly if living on their do not make wholefood meals might be missing out on a balanced diet. If medication is considerable, then absorption also can have an effect.

Dosages note: As with any supplement, or medication, please ALWAYS see your trusted health profressional for correct dosages, especially if on medication.  Minerals need to have proper dosages for optimum safe function.







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