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The YES! Teams H2 C60 Pet Oil is the only C60 Pet Oil on the Market that has been formulated of Ultra High Purity, isolate of 99.99% raw C60 Fullerene, free of solvents.  A CONCENTRATE of C60 Oil for Pet/Animal Health.  The YES! H2 C60 Oil is Bio Activated with their unique patented Advanced Resonant Plasma (ARP) Technology and Molecular H2 Hydrogen Bonded for DOUBLE ANTIOXIDANT EFFECT.  

With a bundle of knowledge and years of Research and Development, the YES! Team has created the most effective H2 C60 Pet Oil available.

This H2 C60 Pet Oil has huge 25 milligrams of Carbon C60 per Suggested Serving. This compared to the 0.1mg – 0.6mg which seems to be the normal concentration on the market.  Plus the C60 Isolates are top notch!

It is suited for all animals and the results are second to none!

The Double Action of the Antioxidant effect comes from reinforcing it with permanently bonded Molecular Hydrogen.  It is Bio Activated via the YES! Teams ARP Technology to naturally raise the Voltage of Cellular Efficacy.  Brilliance!

It is specifically designed to assist all animals of this world from the many pollutants and toxins within the environment which are mostly bio accumulative and of which animals are more prone to.

Your Loved Pet/family member can very safely detox and be assisted in other health issues they could be experiencing.

Using with the YES! H2 C60 Pet Oil for your Furry Friend could be also eliminate High Vet bills. YAY!

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  • Reducing Inflammation.
  • Increased Immunity Support.
  • Increase of Energy and Endurance.
  • Increase Life Span. (Studies on Rats have show over an increase of 90% in Lifespan).
  • Hair and Skin Improvement.
  • Speed Up Recovery.
  • Eye Support.
  • Brain and Skeletal support.

Suggested Serving Per Bottle and Dosages:

  • Serve with food – Dosage below based on animal.
  • Per Serve is 25mg of 100% Raw 99.99+% H2 C60 Fullerene.
  • Results could be better achieved is taken on a daily basis.

Horses –  16 Days Supply (36-38 Drops)


X large Dogs – 42+ Days Supply (14-16 Drops)

Large Dogs – 49+ Days Supply (12-14 Drops)


Medium Size Dogs – 59+ Days Supply (10-12 Drops)


Small Size Dogs – 73+ Days Supply (8-10 Drops)


Cats and Smaller Animals –  73+ Days Supply (8-10 Drops)


Ingredients:  Certified Organic Cold Pressed sunflower Oil, 99.99+% Isolate of H2 C60 Fullerene, Molecular H2 Hydrogen Gas.

The YES!  Team have been working in this H2 C60 Pet Oil since 2015 and have been fortunate enough to have many pet owners come forth to participate in their Study and Assist them in determining the best dosages and concentration for many different types of animals. They found that the Concentration of a 25mg serve worked best for all animals.  From Hamsters right up to Horses.  The concentration is 20 times higher than any other C60 Oil on the market coupled with the added benefit of the ARP Technology making it more bio available to the animal.

We know you animal will benefit greatly from this very, very advanced health Tool and wish you and your pet many happy years together!

Made in the USA.

**NOTE: We take great care on what we offer you for your health and well-being. These products are unsurpassed in anyway for the research done and care taken to provide you with a top premium product. The processes are timely, and we are okay with that, as we know this is not a mass produced product and is created with high integrity that is of huge importance to your health, physically, emotionally and spiritually and the investment you make IS WORTH IT!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease. Intended for research and educational use only.

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